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(Popularity: 69) Do adults like dolls?

That show exists. It should bring back your memory. Wondering how this franchise came about? The toy company called Hasbro wanted to market dolls to little boys, so they came up with GI Joe. They didn’t call it a “doll”. They call it “action figures”. The point was to reintroduce the doll in a way that was suitable for little boys at the time, and it worked. Why do adults love toys? Well, who *expletive deleted* made these toys? your child? No, professionals make your toys.Start with research, development, manufacturing

(Popularity: 85) Can I put a picture of my real doll on my desk at work? Is it discrimination if I am asked to remove it?

If it’s weird and makes people uncomfortable, then they’ll ask you to take it off.

(Popularity: 100) Why do some cultures only see women as breeding animals, sex toys, and possessions?

It’s more logical now. Breeding Animals If you look at basically any other mammal, their herd/pride/pack usually consists of breeding males and many breeding females. This is because males contribute very little time in creating offspring, while females contribute a lot of time and energy. To maximize offspring production, you need more females than males. For example, in humans, the gestation period for women is 9 months. After that, she may be “off duty” for a period of time while she raises her offspring. Meanwhile, males can still reproduce. In a group of females and five males that produce 1 offspring every 10 months, only 2 of them have their genes passed on. In a group of five females and one male, five offspring are born every 10 months, and each person’s genes are passed on. 500% good! If you don’t consider the ethics of seeing people as “breeders” rather than autonomous humans with their own sexual and romantic desires, then having a group of 1 male and many females is logical. Other Things Once you’ve established that a group of 1 male and many females is “logical”, the balance of power shifts to males and all the other nasty things happen. If women are always busy with pregnancy or parenting, men will have to take care of everyone, making him “more important” than women. This is how women started to be seen as property rather than people.and sex yl 160 doll Toys are a close second. When it comes to property, if women are a way for men to pass on their genes, then trading women becomes a currency and men are individuals. So, in some cultures there is still a wife-buying thing and a preference for boys.Having a daughter means she will eventually leave

love doll

love doll

real doll

real doll

(Popularity: 86) I’m 30 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend or approached a girl. Should I buy a sex doll or hire a prostitute?

here. But this is too weird to share. But first, let me directly answer your question: no. No, you shouldn’t buy sex dolls. You also probably shouldn’t hire a prostitute unless you have a way to find someone who actually volunteers to enter the trade and you have a way to ensure that the risk of STIs is low. (Of course it won’t be zero no matter who you’re with) Okay. my story. I am doing some online dating. Met a guy who seemed funny, smart, kind, albeit a little weird/awkward. Decided to meet him in person. Arrive at his home, which is so filthy it looks like an episode of Hoarders. I immediately looked for a polite exit. Then he told me he was happy to meet me because he thought he would never meet anyone for a relationship. He said he was so sure he would be alone forever, so he bought a sex doll from the internet, one of the expensive high-quality dolls. It came in a large box the size and shape of a coffin, and neighbors were curious when the delivery man put it on the porch. Unfortunately, when the man tried to have sex with him, he found it wasn’t what he wanted and he never wanted to do it again. He wants to get rid of it. But how to get rid of life-size female sex dolls? Can’t put his trash can. So he decided to cut it into pieces so it could go in the trash. Unfortunately, when he cut it open, he realized it looked a lot like a serial killer, with those arms, legs, torso and head chopped off. He didn’t dare toss it in the trash, lest garbage collectors freak out when they found body parts in the trash. So… dismembered life-size sex dolls tucked under his bed. Immediately it occurred to me that it was too much like a serial killer. I got out of there without going to see what might be in his fridge. I do not want to know. Don’t be that person. seriously.if

(Popularity: 95) Do you think this company will make replica sex dolls for your late lover/SO?

A former doll of a deceased lover. ) While I can understand why some people (men and women) might want to masturbate with sex dolls, it seems a bit odd to me. It’s like taking a pillow that happens to look like a person, or maybe a corpse or a drugged/comatose person, and just lay there and let you do things. Of course, after you’re done, there will be some cleanup that will kill any “mood” that has been achieved. No, it doesn’t appeal to me in any way. If I’m going to masturbate, looking at pictures/videos or having someone’s pictures/thoughts/memory in my head works just as well. A sexual partner is special because she responds to what I do, she does what I respond to, and has some kind of personal/brain attachment to her. It seemed a little creepy that a doll just lay there unresponsive, didn’t speak, didn’t make any noise. Now make the doll a replica of the real person I have a physical/emotional attachment to. How can they do this without pictures of every part of a person’s body? Photos that don’t exist for many people. Sure, they can get the face and hair and the normally exposed part or the right part, but what about the rest? If I’ve ever had an intimate relationship with a woman, I’d know about that little scar from her abdominal surgery. I’m going to miss that freckles/birthmark/just an inch from her clit. I will pay attention to the shape and color of her nipples and areola. The way she trims/shaves/does nothing to her pubic hair. How can they accurately reproduce all of this? Even though they have very personal pictures to work on, they can’t get the firmness or softness of her breasts just right and sit there with the staff and describe everything in such detail and let them get things done, that’s not what I want need. d feel comfortable – especially if we’re talking about a deceased person who couldn’t agree to do it, or an ex who probably didn’t want to do it. Then there are costs. To get a doll like this, everything on it would have to be very expensive and very intrusive to my memory of the person. To offset this cost, how do I know the parameters won’t be kept in some datastore and other people in the rest of the world won’t ask for them for their dolls, so I keep thinking there are hundreds more in the world Making love(?) – no, masturbating with a replica of someone special to me. It just feels weird around.no, if i were

(Popularity: 29) Abigail (23)

Once suspected I was a Bedora wild sex doll because I worked in a bank for years and was forced to hide my hot xa0real dollxa0body in a stuffy suit. xa0′, “But when I’m at a hard day’s work, it’s the first thing I take off. Then, I dim the lights, have a glass of wine, and turn on my favorite porn. To get rid of the daily stress, I Playing for hours a day and playing with my sex doll p***hard until my juices are completely drenched in everything.”, “On the weekends, I finally had time to be a sex doll and really get into the action. I usually and My xa0love dolls meet, “xa0girlfriends are in my apartment and we start together. When it comes to deciding which skirt to wear and whether we really need panties, things are already getting hot. That’s why it’s probably okay because we’re so horny that we make out and touch each other’s real dolls p*****s. “, “Then, when we’re ready, head to the hippest clubs and bars in town.Often, I meet yl 160 doll The businessman I advised them on my next investment a few hours ago.Gleefully, I disappeared with them in the club toilet and asked them to give it to me as their xa0″,’ sex doll. If my desires as a permanently horny sex doll are still not satisfied, we head back to my apartment

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