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(Popularity: 49) What can be used as a sex toy?

Hand or save for some amazing and safe sex toys. As much as I believe in what I just said to you, I also know that I want to explore joy and the excitement of being broken at the same time. So, here are some expert-approved DIY toys for when you want to get rid of your own hands – for vulva owners: the infamous cucumbers and similar vegetables can be lubricated and used for vaginal or anal penetration. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ humping session and relive your first orgasm from it?Removable shower head is a bliss for busy and lustful women yasmin doll head Makes you shower and b-aaaaah-th at the same time! Want to have fun with your sensitive nipples? Grab some paper clips or chopsticks, tie rubbery hands, and use them as nipple clips. Everyone knows that electric toothbrushes, phones and sitting on the washing machine are great “toys” because vibrations are the best stimulation for vulva owners. For penis owners: Lubricated plastic bags are very irritating to the penis. If you want to be eco-friendly, you should use socks, because socks are cheap, readily available, and make great stimulators and suckers. Fruits such as melons and peels such as banana peels can be used as masturbators. You can also use fabric/clothing such as scarves, sheets or pillows by tucking and tucking them in. For couples: somewhat unheard of but very delightful, necklaces or bracelets made of beads or pearls are perfect for wrapping around your penis and moving along its length as your partner sucks on your penis. Who needs expensive toys for spanking when you can use a wooden spoon and spatula? ! A clean scrubber or brush can be used to tingle your partner’s thighs, buttocks, and breasts.It feels better if you’ve been spanked

(Popularity: 11) Why do sex toys have instructions?

Why do sex toys need to come with instructions?so people know how to clean/store them so people know what kind of battery they use (if needed) so people know how to turn it on and off (always test the electronics to make sure you know how to turn it off yasmin doll head before actually using it) even if you think it’s basic everyone knows how to use x, there are always some japanese sex dolls who use x for the first time and probably don’t know what they’re doing

(Popularity: 66) Yaris (22 years)

Waiting for the right host. If you appreciate my abstinence as an asex doll, I will always serve you as a love doll and read every wish on your lips. I’m Yaris, a 22 year old young live-action doll from a very religious family. As the eldest of 5 siblings, my parents have always had high expectations of me. They were unaware of my desire to be a sex doll for a loyal man and would be totally against it. I can’t deny that my p***y is getting hornier and I am counting the days until my master is able to penetrate me for hours. I would love to be a real sex doll and finally be able to feel you in my warm wet real doll p***y.With me you get a doll that a man never touches because I keep saving myself yasmin doll head For you. I used to lie in bed fantasizing about being a pregnant sex doll for her man. With that in mind, I massaged my breasts while pleasing myself with my fingers over and over again.If you want to teach me everything and be patient with me

love doll

love doll

real doll

real doll

(Popularity: 64) Could the introduction of sex dolls reduce the number of rapes in a country?

It’s like your soul leaves your body, you’re numb and you can’t feel anything anymore. I was 12 years old and just started 7th grade. I like this boy so much that we will be renaming him “J”. I looked up to him and fantasized about our marriage; though we may have said it twice by now. I get so excited when he waves at me in the hallway, my heart beats 100 miles an hour when I see him. J was in 8th grade and was 14 when this happened. He was twice my size and terrified everyone in my grade. Of course not me. I would follow him like a puppy, trying to get his attention. It was common for most 12-year-olds at the time. It’s a pretty healthy school crush. We took the same school bus and got off at the same stop. I would walk to my grandparents’ house, which was the street before him. Sometimes, I walk to the park across from his house. At 12, I endured a lot. My mother was an alcoholic and I hardly ever saw my father. So yeah, I’m hit. But I still have my innocence. One day, I was swinging on the swing after school. I had no homework and my grandparents didn’t really care where I was. I’m minding my own business, pretending to be a plane or something. I guess J saw me from across the street, came out of his house and walked over to the swing. “Are you thirsty?” he said. “You’ve been here for a while. Why don’t you come in and I’ll get you some Gatorade?” I was very surprised. My love, talk to me? ! But wait…in…his house? I’ve never had a parent to teach me about “unfamiliar dangers,” or what red flags are. I’m conflicted, but I want to look cool in front of J. So, I followed him back to his house. As soon as I walked in, I noticed something was wrong. He locked the front door behind me and I felt like I was freezing. J took my clothes off and it felt like peeling from a statue. I can’t breathe. I can’t scream. All I could do was whisper, “Please, stop.” It went from slow and cautious to violent within seconds. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face first onto his sofa. I started crying because I was scared. I don’t understand what this is. This was never explained to me. J first anal raped me. Like I said before, J is a big guy for his age. Unfortunately, this resulted in a larger penis. I knew I was bleeding and I finally made my lungs scream. It hurt so bad he finally quit and I thought it was all over. I started praying over and over, hoping someone would drive by and hear my screams. Since I didn’t move, I guess J thought I wanted more. Then he raped me with a vagina. I feel pain and then I feel nothing. I feel numb, like I’m not alone anymore. My body is empty, and I feel as if I’m floating into space. I started counting seconds as they passed. I counted 1862 seconds. I barely remember what happened from here. I don’t remember if he came in or if it was Real Dollcame. I was too numb to speak. I remember him putting my clothes back on, patting me on the head, and pushing me out his front door. I remember the pain of walking home. I’ll say this; I’m already in pain. I broke a few bones and experienced a lot of heartache. But what J did to me was truly the worst pain I have ever experienced. I’ve been bleeding for a few days. I flinched, I became very depressed. The next day at school, everyone already knew. I was labelled a “slut” because J told everyone I “beg him to fuck me”. I was manipulated into thinking I wanted it, which was voluntary. I’ve never been taught what consent is, I don’t know the difference. I tried to tell my dad two weeks later. I wasn’t direct, but I said something like, “My friend told me this…what should she do?” I came across, “What is she wearing? What is she doing?” I knew I had to tell myself Confidential. I can’t trust anyone. On my 18th birthday, I did file a report with the local police station. J has contacted me for the past 3 years to admit what he did and apologise. He opened new accounts and tried to control me with what he did to me. He doesn’t know, I’m just waiting for the right time to report to him. I have all the screenshots. I have been in therapy to help with this trauma since my 18th birthday and am getting better every day. J, if you are reading this, please burn in hell. You’re sick, disgusting, and should be rotting in jail. You didn’t get mad at me and your “apology” text just got you sitting in jail for a longer sentence. Screw you. EDIT: Thank you all for your support, I don’t think I’ll get any response at all.

(Popularity: 11) My 14 year old daughter paid her friend to buy her a sex toy for masturbation. As a mother, what should I do?

s, fewer boys will wear pants more often. Mainly because the average teenage boy can’t make a girl feel as good as she can on her own. Teachers call them battery powered boyfriends (BOB). Sex toys are the safest form of sex. No risk of pregnancy, STD/STI or heartbreak. No miscommunication or potential emotional, mental or physical abuse. If you do it right, this does give you a good chance. An opportunity to have an ongoing discussion with your daughter about sex, sexuality and sex education. If you want, you can start a basis for an open conversation where she feels safe to discuss her budding sexuality with you. In the future you can also discuss birth control, dating, relationships, sexual health, etc., if you deal with it without judging or condemning her. Parents often want to deny that their children are growing up or interested in sex, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were growing up. She will be as uncomfortable discussing with you as you are at first, but an open-door policy about discussing sex can help her build a healthier, happier relationship than when she feels shamed or harshly judged by her curiosity and questions. Teens will experiment with sex, and being able to have it safely and healthy can make all the difference. Plus, it’s great that your daughter has a friend to ask about these things. Her friend actually did a good job helping her get sex toys instead of hookups. Hopefully this friend can also help your daughter get some type of TPE Sex Dollbirth control (if asked). Ultimately it’s up to you how you handle this. I recommend praise, which is an open discussion where you can listen to your daughter about her thoughts, feelings, and questions about sex and sexuality. If you want, you can open a door and become another source of truthful, accurate sexual health information for your daughter. No judgment, no shame, no punishment. I know this is just a sample size, but as a teenager my mother had an open policy about having sex with me.Because of this, I passed high school and beyond wit

(Popularity: 60) Is it expensive to keep a sex doll?

If stored properly, they can develop indentations that eventually turn into large tears and sometimes irreparable rips.These areas are under the arms, behind the knees, crotch, and elbows yasmin doll head Armpits too. Basically any moving joint.but this does not

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