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(Popularity: 40) Emma (18)

High schooler, but I’m graduating next year and I can move out. I have a good relationship with my family, but they are not very open about real dolls, so I prefer to keep quiet. “, “I’ve always admired adult dolls. Of course, my favorite dolls are friends who are not only super good looking but are also true experts when it comes to orgasms. I want to be a sex doll and also want to please men! So far, no one’s really interested in me, at least I don’t know. But I think once I actually get out of my shell, the guys will catch up to me! I can’t get any sex doll experience; I’m kind of shy about it. I started watching porn as a young real doll practicing as much as I could. I love masturbating and getting my TPE doll hard. ‘, “If I get too horny at school because I’m thinking about my future as a real doll, I usually go to the girls room to watch sexy movies. Of course, I wear headphones so I can hear the hot moaning of the women .

(Popularity: 69) Sheila (25)

doll’, ‘Having children, although I think they are cute. I’m studying primary school teaching and am currently a trainee teacher, but of course it doesn’t prevent me from being a sex doll after get off work.’, ‘I started enjoying myself as a sex doll. life as a doll and found my sexuality in college. At most student reunions, I was the center of attention as a sex doll and loved the attention of my male and female classmates. When I took the class for the first time, I was very excited.It’s one thing to sleep around like an asex dollat​â€?university, but be a serious teacher xy doll ‘, “As a clever love doll, I think I’ve found the perfect middle ground to have both! I love to seduce parents little kids when I love it and want to meet my needs as a real doll Actually, there are more opportunities in this area than you might think.”, ‘For example, talking to the parents is a great way to get a good doll’,”. I don’t care if they are single mothers, fathers, or couples. When a How grateful parents are when sex dolls turn their sexual frustrations into pure horny orgasms.”, “I had the most fun

(Popularity: 80) Is there anyone who might be working in someone’s house looking for personal items like panties and sex toys in a drawer?

I will break the deadlock xy doll answer. I’ve worked in a lot of houses and if there are beautiful women living there, I always want a chance to browse their drawers. Especially when mother and daughter look good. Many times I check their panties and bras. I will get as many samples as possible to take home for mastering. Especially if their smell is still there. I ended up with quite a collection and had many interesting meetings with them.

love doll

love doll

real doll

real doll

(Popularity: 13) Are there any toys that have been scaled according to real life?

Barbie has been criticized for setting unrealistic body standards for young girls. Spin-offs occur occasionally. Artist Nickolay Lamm Asian Sex Doll has created a “regular Barbie” with acne and cellulite stickers that you can add to your face. But yes – it’s interesting to see a doll that is closer to a female body. I don’t usually like to play with dolls, but I thought she was cute, “Hey, Barbie ;)”

(Popularity: 96) Can the large-scale spread of “real puppets” wipe out human beings?

change. But it’s definitely “not the most efficient solution”. You need to work with what you have on hand. There are many problems with burning clothes. Some fabrics (especially man-made ones) burn very vigorously and melt, turning into a liquid waxy slime that sticks to the skin and burns it badly, even after the actual flame has been extinguished. Personally, I stay away from any fabric with the warning label “as far away as possible from any open flame, which will instantly turn into a fireball with the slightest spark” (or similar wording). The problem with extinguishing a person’s burning clothing with a fire extinguisher is that most fire extinguishers are designed so that the user can aim at the source of the fire from a (relatively) safe distance. This makes fighting a burning surface a challenge, requiring careful targeting and methodical creation of a “blanket” such as foam. But for a person, you really need to put out the fire right now. Because every second it burns is one too many seconds. So really, the “stop, drop, roll” drill is still the quickest and most direct way to put out a person’s clothes on fire. If possible, anything that doubles as a blanket to help put out the flames (tablecloths, wet towels, overcoats) can help, but don’t use them to put out the flames. Wrap the person (if standing, put them on the ground) or cover them to protect their face and neck from the flames. The idea is to put out the flames, not fan them and make them stronger. After the fire is out, remove the blanket (whether temporary or not) and provide first aid. People often hear that carbon dioxide fire extinguishers can instantly freeze people into ice, or cause severe burns. This is an exaggeration. You certainly don’t want to keep spraying the same place with CO2 for tens of seconds at a time, but I’ve been sprayed (mostly by accident) with CO2 in my fire classes a lot, and it’s just cold. no big deal. If you spray them with carbon dioxide while keeping away from their face, and as long as you keep the spray going up and down their clothing, you won’t hurt them. Then stop as soon as the flame goes out. I think the myth that the slightest exposure to CO2 immediately causes the flesh to freeze and plummet is intentional, designed to stop people messing with CO2 fire extinguishers.But if all the Big Booty Sex Dolls I have on hand are fire extinguishers like this, and I meet a guy whose clothes are on fire, I’d definitely use it, especially if I tackle them to a fire that’s dangerous to me

(Popularity: 15) What random things have you seen or written in the memo section of a check, like sex toys?

Not just a letter, but insights and exercises on numbers, drawing-drawingâ€? The reason for this is that every aspect of our existence must be exercised every day as reasonably possible. Not only does this help improve the practice, it nourishes it, and now its keyboard typing and other activities rarely have any interaction with traditional handwriting, except when signing checks or commenting on documents/filling out forms…  . . etc. So back to making sure that every part of our existence should be able to use its usual prerogatives to maintain reasonable contact â€?not just physical contact, but the alignment factor with all of that. forever. Like also doing our own magic and conceptualizing the framework for the entire project from scratch – and mental gymnastics/gymnasticsâ€? and many other practices to rekindle and reposition each of our parts more essentiallyâ€? In a way its lubricity and over oiling or smoothing and lubricatingâ€?. we can call it whatever we want, we make sure to continue to be careful when it comes to our car engines or other equipment, but when it comes to our Some of us, some of us haven’t even gotten out for a walk – let alone outside, and some have been indoors/can’t get fresh air due to their commitments? Can’t walk at all? No activity at all? Just sitting in a chair all day, going to the elevator, making a short stop in the car, and back home at the dining table or the couchâ€?.

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