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(Popularity: 95) Where can I buy attractive male fully shaved pubic hair clumps and maybe pits and boobs? I just bought a male love doll and want to punch real hair in it with my hands. I have tried wigs with different results.

Well, I don’t want to say the obvious, but now, with so many people out of work, it might be easy to find an attractive guy with some extra body fluff who’d be willing to sell it to you. A good place to start looking for potential sellers might be a website called Fetlife. You’ll find a lot of open-minded people out there who might be willing to work on something similar. Just… be careful. In some cases they can be too open…so be safe.

(Popularity: 59) Where is the best place to hide adult toys?

Toys for 2016? That’s right, you shouldn’t. When there’s something I want to hide from someone, unless it’s a gift near a birthday or celebration, I’ll always talk to someone who doesn’t know my secret and reveal it. It’s such a hassle to hide things from people, especially when I have all the rights to own and use them. Sex toys make no difference. Even if I had a daughter, I would prefer to be real and I would encourage her to talk openly about it. But this is who I am, and I must admit, when I was a teenager, I also had a sex toy or two stashed away at one point. So if you think some people can’t accept the fact that you own and use a dildo, or that the embarrassment of talking about it is unbearable (note that the embarrassment of being found hiding a sex toy is even more painful) here are eleven places to hide your gadgets. There’s nothing better than the other: it depends on what you have at home, who you want to hide the sex toys from, and ultimately the size of the dildo. #1. Tampon case If it’s a small vibrator and you need to hide it from your male partner or roommate, put it in your tampon case. If it’s a mini vibrator for your clitoris, you can even insert it inside an empty applicator package and put it back in the box to be confused with other items. #2. A good place for a sock to hide it from kids is inside the sock. Put it in an old (or new) winter wool sock, fold it in half, and mix it with the other socks in your closet. #3. Lamp vase If you have a bedside lamp, you can put the dildo in a vase. Make sure you are the one to replace the burned out bulb! #4. The Hoover dust bag seals the toy inside a plastic bag that goes into the Hoover’s dust bag; you can also leave it outside the dust bag, but still in the vacuum cleaner compartment. Even if you forget to use the vacuum cleaner, it will not affect the suction power. #5. vacuum cleaner hose or you can plug it directly into the vacuum cleaner hose. In this case, if you need to use the cleaner, don’t forget it’s there. #6. Poster Tube If you have a poster or mailing tube, stick it in there, making sure to wrap the poster around it and push the paper down a bit to secure it on the side of the tube that won’t open. #7. Stuffed Animals Do you have a stuffed animal? Check to see if it has a zipper or a hole for pulling out the padding and washing the outer part; if so, insert your dildo into the toy. Mese Doll oh poor Pooh! ! #8. Gym bottle Do you go to the gym or jog? Buy yourself a gym bottle and hide your dildo in it. #9. Jacket Sleeve If you have a dildo with a “testicle”, use a string of fishing line to tie a loose knot around the nut and tie the other end to a safety pin; secure the latter to the inside of the jacket near the sleeve opening, And hang the dildo inside the jacket sleeve. #10. Computer case If the dildo isn’t too big, and you have a desktop computer, open one side of the case: there’s likely enough room inside to fit your dildo. #11. Pillows with Secret Pockets Many women hide their vibrators inside their pillows. In principle, this is a good hiding place, and if you live alone, you wash the bed and do the laundry yourself. However, putting it on your closet shelf might be enough. Instead, if your bed has decorative pillows, buy pillows with secret pockets (you can easily find them online) and hide your sex toys inside. If you don’t use monster dildos, love doll world It stays there comfortably, even touching the pillow doesn’t feel it.Three final notes: if it’s a toy with a battery, be sure to remove the battery when you’re going to hide it; if your Tampax case starts vibrating, it’s sure to be suspicious; keep your sex toy clean at all times: use soapy water (if possible) or rubbing alcohol (makes

(Popularity: 72) Today I found out that my 14 year old daughter has 4 sex toys in her closet. I don’t know what to do now. I’m angry, but I don’t want to yell and scare her. what should I do?

in her wardrobe. I don’t know what to do now. I’m angry, but I don’t want to yell and scare her. what should I do? What are you angry about? She is 14 years old, in puberty (puberty in girls usually begins between the ages of 8 and 13), and her libido is developing. This is completely natural. Girls start masturbating around the age of 8 to 12 – some earlier, some later. By the age of 14, if she was like many girls her age, she had been masturbating for a while. Are you mad at her masturbating, or are you mad at her finding some harmless toy to masturbate – or both? In Future Dolleither’s case, this shouldn’t blow your mind. Your daughter is growing up and you obviously have a hard time accepting that.Before she knew it, she was getting old

(Popularity: 56) What sex toys do IITians use?

their laptops.

(Popularity: 87) Yarvala (22 years)

Elf. A pregnant elf, to be more precise. My father, the king of our country, warned me about whoever gave me this child. My father told me that this man is not good for me. I don’t want to believe him, just blinded by love. After I told my husband I was pregnant, he left me.So, my dad was right, he just wanted a “real doll” from me, “now I’m looking for a new partner. One who will not only take care of me, but immediately after my baby is born Man. Haven’t you always wanted to fuck a sex doll elf? Maybe you like pregnant elf sex dolls with big baby bumps. I’m sure it would be nice if you stroked and kissed my little belly. I’m just imagining you Do this, then slowly move down and stroke my “,” love doll**t. I have to admit I love this fantasy, I’ve turned on just thinking about it. My sex doll p***y come true A little soggy. If you are my faithful husband, I will definitely make you happy! At p***y or if we tried it at the spoon position. Unfortunately, it has been a while since I embraced it like that By the way, my sex doll ass got a little thicker due to pregnancy. I hope you don’t think it’s too bad, you love big asses. I love the fact that it’s nice and fat now. Somehow I feel It’s sexy. That’s why I also like to wear fishnet tights because they show off my fat pixie ass so beautifully. Do you like me

(Popularity: 66) How many sex toys are too many for a couple?

Ford buy the sex toys you have. When buying and owning sex toys affects your life in one way or another and becomes an obsession. Honestly, it’s a hard thing to do.When love doll world You buy sex toys to own, not to use them, maybe it’s too much. I have so many “sex toys” I can’t

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