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(Popularity Rate: 92 ) What are some cute nicknames I can give my girlfriend (we are lesbians)?

son has.
I can tell wonder woman sex doll you now we named our cats.
The first cat we finally came up with Spike. Hard to define why, he just seemed like a “Spikeâ€?
The next one we called Buzz-Bomb and shortened it to Buzzy.
Buzz Bomb because she purred really loud, and at that time Buzz Bomb fishing lures were popular, and my spouse was a fishing guide.
So we really can’t come up with a name.. you are going to have to observe her and give it some thought, and let some interesti

(Popularity Rate: 53 ) What advice would you give for someone starting a sex toy company?

ive, and so many women are afraid to try it because the mere thought of electricity to the body gives misleading concepts and prejudice of pain or discomfort and that is simply not true when used correctly,, and the images of electro-stim are so falsely tied to the BDSM scene and need to become more mainstream and marketed to the Suzie homemaker types, vibrators are becoming obsolete and are very old news, electro toys can and need to be build so much better and easier to use and wear. seriously, build sold something light and playful we can wear while out to a movie, dinner, shopping or traveling that is safe, silent, inconspicuous, FUN, yet is versatile enough to rock us hard and de

(Popularity Rate: 52 ) Is it healthy to have a sex toy?

or add to your pleasure with the partner, it’s healthy.
If you have a blowup doll and you enact an actual relationship with it, doing the things normally done with one’s partner in the family, going to restaurants and doing dishes with it, you would probably benefit from therapy.
If you’ve acquired a wooden dildo thirty inches long and five across, because it was an 18-century rare piece from Africa, you probably won’t ever use it for hygiene and anatomy Huge Tits Sex Dollreasons, so it’s healthy to have it but not to use it, heh.
Likewise, if wonder woman sex doll you have a regular dildo but you never wash it after use yet stick it in you or someone else, it’s not healthy.
Or if you compulsively hoard sex toys, having a sex toy shopping addiction, it’s not healthy.
Et cetera, et cetera.
Bottom lin

(Popularity Rate: 53 ) What are the weirdest places that you have used a sex toy?

ay I would get the bus from outside town into the city centre where I worked.
One morning I was getting the number 90 bus to work. I am sat towards the back of the bus, a single decker, with only one person sat behind me who at first I didn’t clock, and maybe 5â€? people in front facing forwards.
About halfway through the journey I hear a voice behind me.
“Excuse me, have you got the time?â€?I turn around and an Asian woman is sat on the seat just behind me, looking directly at me.
“Um yeah sure, it’s quarter to 10â€?I turned around thinking this interaction had finished. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
“Where are you going?â€?“Oh I’m just on my way to work”
“Where do you work?â€?“Marks and Spencerâ€?“Do you mind if I sit next to you?â€?I think about this for a moment and decide what the hell, why not? So I move over to the seat next to me by the window and this lady places herself next to me.
Now this lady doesn’t just sit next to me, she sits so closely to me that she is firmly pressed against the side of my body, her leg squashed against the side of mine. I remember thinking at the time that it was odd but quickly dismissed it down to harmless quirky behaviour.
We continue to talk about menial things and as we do, she slowly places her hand on my leg. I remember looking down and thinking ‘well this is weird’ but again for some reason decide to dismiss it and put it down to oddball behaviour.
Her hand starts to rub up and down my leg. This is where the penny drops and I realise that something strange is going on. I say to her
“…Your hand is on my legâ€?To which she responds by suddenly sliding her hand all the way up my thigh and gripping my balls in a tight grip.
“Do you like it?â€?I’m in a state of disbelief and my response couldn’t have been more honest.
“I…I don’t knowâ€?Now bear in mind by this point we have been speaking for no more than 3 minutes. I am a relatively inexperienced 18 year old boy Silicone Sex Dolland this stranger is suddenly grappling my balls on a public bus. You see this sort of shit in porn but when it’s happening, your brain has no idea what to think.
“Come to the back of the bus with meâ€?And with those words she gets up and sits in the corner on the back seat of the bus.
The next 10 seconds or so felt like the longest seconds of my life. So many thoughts of should I, shouldn’t I, how do I feel, do I even find her attractive, do I want this to happen or do I just know that it’s going to make a funny story?
After what feels like an eternity, I quickly get up and walk to the back of the bus. I sit next to this Asian lady and she immediately starts fumbling with my trouser zipper, tugging at my top button and asking me to help her get my cock out.
I pull my cock out which by this point is in some strange state of semi-erection, and she starts frantically bashing away at my bare cock. I remember just thinking WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING over and over again, in a state of incredible amusement as I stare forward at the oblivious passengers in front of us, while still battling my ongoing dilemma about whether I’m actually enjoying it. This question is constantly challenged by the fact that I don’t seem to be able to get anything more than a semi and an overwhelming anxiety at the fact that I’m nearing my bus stop for work.
I recall looking down at this woman’s crotch and thinking “should I stick my hand down there? I feel I should reciprocateâ€?then suddenly having a fucking horrible moment where I though “maybe she isn’t even a woman, maybe it’s a dudeâ€? That was a horror moment and I remember looking at her face thoroughly to clarify with myself that she was definitely a woman.
As this weirdo is bashing my cock, I can see my bus stop is just around the corner.
“My bus stop is in 30 seconds, I need to goâ€?“Cum for me!â€?I look down and I’m thinking THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HELL IM CUMMING ON THIS BUS I CANT EVEN GET FULLY ERECT, but this lady is determined to get me to cum and surely enough, I miss my bus stop.
Fortunately there is a bus stop shortly after and I make it explicitly clear I have to get off in about two minutes time. She keeps saying to me
“Cum for me! Please cum for meâ€?I muster all of my fucking energy and somehow manage to get myself to cum just as I’m reaching my stop. I literally jizzed all over my trousers and over the floor of the bus but by this point I don’t care – I just want her to stop jerking me off so I won’t be late for work.
I pull my trousers up and as I start to walk off this woman follows me off the bus. She’s still asking me questions like how old I am, how many woman I’ve slept with. I remember her telling me that she was 26 or 27. She then asks me if I want to miss work and go to her house instead. I very clearly state that I do not want to do this and I need to go to work, which she responds by telling me “I’ll come visit you some timeâ€?
I remember thinking “No fucking way”, but my outside voice just responds with an awkward laugh and I hastily say goodbye and run inside to go and tell my colleagues about the insane bus ride I’ve just had into work. I remember floating around for the day in a state of disbelief that it happened, unsure what to make of it all.
Now you may think this story ends here – it doesn’t.
A few days after it is our work Christmas party and I have just got the bus into the centre, arriving for roughly 8pm. I get off at the correct bus stop this time and I am walking to work, a few minutes away. Suddenly I hear a voice behind me.
“Excuse me, have you got the time?â€?MY HEART FELL OUT OF MY FUCKING ASS. I turn around and low and behold the same lady is walking behind me, I couldn’t believe it
â€?..You’re the lady from the busâ€?“You’re the boy from the bus!â€?We stare at each other in silence for a moment then she asks
“Can I have a kiss?â€?“…noâ€?“Awh please, just one kissâ€?“No!â€?“Then give me a hug…â€?I give her a hug and she then asks me again if I would like to come to her house. By this point it is all too weird for me – part of me wants to go back to her house for the sake of curiousity, and the other part of me keeps thinking that this woman might be some batshit murderer. The last thing I want is to be balls deep in this crazy Asian and suddenly find a hammer protruding out of my skull.
I make my excuses to

(Popularity Rate: 53 ) Can Mormons use sex toys?

in their right mind would ask a leader if anal sex is cool because it’s assumed that it’s not, but plenty of people have asked about oral sex. Here’s a short history of the few bits of advice the Church Leadership has given over the years.
“If it is unnatural, you just don’t do it. That is all, and all the family life should be kept clean and worthy and on a very high plane. There are some people who have said that behind the bedroom doors anything goes. That is not true and the Lord would not condone it (Spencer W. Kimball, Teachings, p. 312).”
Letter from President Harold B. Lee marked confidential:
May 17, 1973
Dear Sister:
I am directed by President Harold B. Lee to acknowledge your letter of May 10, 1973. Normally, your letter would be referred to your Bishop who would counsel with you and give you answers to your questions. In this instance, however, in view of the intimately personal nature of your inquiry, a reply is being sent to you direct. In answer to a similar inquiry which President Lee recently received, he responded as follows:
I was shocked to have you raise the question about ‘oral lovemaking in the genital area among married couples.’ Heaven forbid any such degrading activities which would be abhorrent in the sight of the Lord. For any Latter-day Saint, and particularly those who have been taught in the sacred ordinances of the temple, to engage in any kind of perversions of this sacred God-given gift of procreation, would be sure to bring down the condemnation of the Lord whom we would offend were we to engage in any such practice.
Trusting that this information will be helpful to you, I am
D. Arthur Haycock
Secretary to President Harold B. Lee
Letter to all Priesthood Leaders, January 5, 1982.
Married persons should understand that if in their marital relations they are guilty of unnatural, impure, or unholy practices, they should not enter the temple unless and until they repent and discontinue any such practices. Husbands and wives who are aware of these requirements can determine by themselves their standing before the Lord. All of this should be conveyed without having priesthood leaders focus upon intimate matters which are a part of husband and wife relationships. Skillful interviewing and counseling can occur without discussion of clinical details by placing firm responsibility on individual members of the Church to put their lives in order before exercising the privilege of entering a house of the Lord. The First Presidency has interpreted oral sex as constituting an unnatural, impure, or unholy practice. If a person is engaged in a practice which troubles him enough to ask about it, he should discontinue it.
Anyone guilty of verbal or physical child or spouse abuse should not enter the temple. . .
Spencer Kimball
N. Eldon Tanner
Marion G. Romney
Gordon B. Hinckley
In 1978 a question was added to the Temple Recommend Interview on refraining from “unnatural, impure, or unholy practices.” The definition provided for those who needed one stated that the brethren had determined that both oral and anal sex were “unnatural, impure, or unholy practices.” This counsel, while not officially rescinded, has not been reiterated since and is generally unknown. Starting in 1985, the Temple recommend question was simplified to, “Do you live the law of Chastity?â€?This response was sent to a woman who wrote the First Presidency about summer of 2002. I have included her response before she quotes from the letter she received from the 1st Presidency:
On the issue of oral sex, it became so heated before he left that I finally told my husband I would write to Salt Lake if we could just find an answer that would satisfy us both. Up to this point he discredits the information you sent because his Stake President gave him the idea of “anything goes” in marriage. He takes a current Stake President over a dead prophet. Anyway, I thought I would share with you the reply I received back from Salt Lake.
“As you know, the subject set out in your letter is of a highly personal nature and one for which the First Presidency has not provided detailed response. The Brethren have counseled those who conduct worthiness interviews to avoid explicit questioning beyond the scope of what is contained in the temple recommend book. Persons who have been through the temple are aware of the responsibility to keep their thoughts and actions pure and, furthermore, have been counseled to avoid any unholy, unnatural, or impure practice. If a person is engaged in a practice which troubles him or her enough to ask about it, he or she should discontinue it. With this in mind you can, through your personal supplication to our Father in Heaven, r

(Popularity Rate: 78 ) What is your review of a sex doll?

e of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis or other partial body, with the accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis) for sexual stimulation. The parts are sometimes vibrating and may be removable or interchangeable.
History of sex dolls :
Some of the first Love dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the seventeenth century who would be isolated at sea during long voyages. These masturbatory dolls, referred to by the French as dame de voyage and by the Spanish as dama de viaje, were made of sewn cloth or old clothes and were a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls. The Dutch sold some of these dolls to Japanese people during the Rangaku period, and the term “Dutch wives” is still sometimes used in Japan to refer to sex dolls.[1][2]
The State of Sex Doll Technology :
Whether or not that’s a realistic depiction of the people who own such dolls, dolls like RealDoll may change how these owners are viewed by making the technology less about sex and more about artificial intelligence and companionship.
These new dolls won’t remain static and corpse-like forever. If Real sex Doll
founder Matt McMullen has anything to say about it, some day these “dollsâ€?may appear more like actual human companions than ever before.
Currently the “Realbotixâ€?line (as it’s called) is focused on perfecting the head itself â€?the motions and artificially intelligent speech that is meant to give users the illusion that they are dealing with an actual, thinking, sentient being.
Future of Sex doll :
The pace of progress is only speeding up in recent years, and if Sarah Hatheway Valverde’s research is any indication, there could be a significant increase in the number of people adopting the use of the technology, as the dolls are made more human-like.
If you don’t think they can make robots move like a normal

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