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(Popularity: 66) What is the name of the sex toy store?

1 -2-3 some (solo, with a partner, and three or more) come in (sp

(Popularity: 57) What’s your story about traveling abroad with sex toys?

a lot of sell whimsy dolls times, no questions or stories at all. â€?That all changed a few days ago when I flew back to Vancouver from a Quora TW meetup in Mountain View. So I was at TSA security checkpoint waiting to board my plane to Vancouver. Usually I would travel with a Nexus pass, It’s a special pre-clearance passport that saves me a lot of customs time and also gets me on the TSA pre-clearance list. So usually at airport security, I just go into the special pre-clearance lane and they do my bag X-ray and I passed. I didn’t have to take off my shoes or take out my laptop or anything. Easy, right? I usually take up to 10 minutes to get through security. Not this time. The X-ray inspector checked the X-ray and didn’t Pulled out my bag for a hand check. I had my laptop on the wires and cables so I think they wanted to check. No. The guy spent a lot of time rummaging in my bag. He’s been looking at X-rays image, so I thought he was looking for something specific. He couldn’t find it, so he X-rayed my bag a second time. Then he opened my vanity case and said, “What is this? “I’ve got a

(Popularity: 73) Has your son ever asked for a sex toy?

Our son once asked us for money (bank card) to buy a love toy he saw in an online store.At that moment, we lived in an area where there weren’t many shops selling love toys, so he didn’t sell whimsy dolls Chances are you can buy some yourself. Today, our teens buy their love toys themselves at the town store.

(Popularity: 85) Paris (23 years)

I’ll be the sex doll of your dreams. By the way, my name is Paris and I am 23 years old. But what’s your name? After all, I’ll be moaning your name all night long! As a sex doll, I know exactly where my place is, i.e. on your bed or kitchen love doll table or shower? I am a submissive real doll willing to follow your commands without compromise. “, “Obviously I’m a pretty good job, the type of sex doll that everyone wants to stuff with their c**k. But I really don’t like stupid beauties and muscular guys. I want a man who knows what he wants in bed. I don’t care what you look like or how old you are. “, “Of course, I also have my own preferences, and I want to live happily with you as my master. I dreamed of a nice massage with baby oil until my skin was velvety soft and we were all very horny.Once we’re at full speed, you’re welcome to choose myreal doll’, the hole you want to fill. As a submissive love doll, I’ll do everything you ask me to do. But blowjob is my specialty, so you really shouldn’t miss it

(Popularity: 19) Emma (18)

High schooler, but I’m graduating next year and I can move out. I have a good relationship with my family, but they are not very open to real dolls, so I prefer the Mese Doll to be quiet. “, “I’ve always admired adult dolls. Of course, most of my doll-loving friends are not only super good looking, but are also true experts at orgasm. I want to be a sex doll and also want to please men! So far, no one is really interested in me, at least not that I know of. But I think once I actually get out of my shell, the guys will catch up to me! I can’t get any sex doll experience; I’m a little too shy. When I started watching porn I was a young real doll practicing as much as I could. I love masturbating and getting my TPE doll hard. ‘, “If I get too horny at school because I’m thinking about my future as a real doll, I usually go to the girls room to watch sexy movies. Of course, I wear headphones so I can hear the hot moaning of the women .

(Popularity: 47) Junka (18 years)

Serve you faithfully. After school I work at a maid cafe with many other cute anime dolls serving not only the best food but also sex if our male customers are so craving. Perfect for my body? I love this job! Not only can I eat as many cupcakes as I like, and no, I can give thirsty customers extra fun. If you come to our cafe, I will catch your eye as a”, “Real doll, you can book a special service for me in a separate room. “, “I often serve tea and snacks, and then the customer’s hand slowly slides under my skirt. I always open it right away and I quickly noticed that my “, ‘love dollp***y was starting to get very wet. Customers love to play with my soggy p***y and I continue to professionally serve their orders Service, like their anime sex dolls.’, “The fun really starts in another room. Because I’m a good maid, I immediately fulfill all my dirty wishes. My favorite customers are older gentlemen who tip me generously as they are extra sensitive.Most of the time, they pulled me into their lap and started taking off my uniform piece by piece or f**k me straight in

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