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(Popularity: 55) Here are some rituals that I question if the weather is real. 1) Binoculars Ritual 2) Date with Her Ritual 3) Lady of Spades 4) Stranger Ritual 5) Gambler Ritual 6) Nesting Doll Ritual. Do you believe these things are creepypasta?

Why are you tossing between belief and non-belief? Instead of asking on Quora why not try them all.make a list and poodle doll Check them. I bet they’re all cows, but at least you’ll be sure.

(Popularity: 64) Are sex toys really waterproof?

od fare, but a great, very tasty burger. The kind that makes a choir of angels drop from the sky and sing chants to your taste buds. Now imagine eating just that burger for every meal of the day. for the rest. of. yours. Life. Angels will stop singing soon, won’t they? You may be great at sex. You may have a god-like ability to incite a humanoid fire of ecstasy with your genitals dripping mana from the sky. If you do the same thing every day, you’ll become a boring lover. You will get into trouble. Then you’d ask questions on Quora, like “Does sex always disappear in long-term relationships?” The answers are, of course, novel. You might make the best burger ever. Maybe the angels will sing the praises of your burger. You still have to do things differently, it’s not a reflection of you. It doesn’t mean that you suck, that you cook sucks, that you are a tragic, tragic loser. This means you can’t eat the same thing every day of your life. Sex is the same.Doing things differently – including using toys – doesn’t mean you

(Popularity: 44) Is a good and trusted website to buy sex toys in India?

I bought a bullet vibrator from this site after watching a youtube video. The product is good and their service is fast. I received the product within 3 days.I bought it 7 months ago poodle doll still works fine. But it quickly fell in love with Dolldrains batteries. I like their privacy best because I have roommates and I’m not comfortable with them knowing what’s in the package. It was well packaged and there was no mention of a bullet vibrator or kamasutratoy anywhere on the cardboard box.

(Popularity: 88) Have or have you ever used a mannequin or inflatable doll in your car to use the HOV driveway without stopping?

You’re from out of town and you get caught, you can reasonably claim to be unaware of the lane restrictions, but if a female sex doll gets caught using a blow-up doll, you’re in for a bind.I always thought tinted front windows would be better

(Popularity: 27) Does Islam allow homosexuals to have sex with “same-sex” sex dolls and/or sex robots as a “sinful” substitute for actual gay sex? (Similar to a pedophile having sex with child sex dolls rather than actual children.)

A big no! Islam does not allow any type of sex outside of marriage. Masturbation is not allowed in Islam, oral sex is not allowed, sex with dolls is not allowed, any type of sex (you name it) is not allowed in Islam except sex between a legally and legally married husband and wife . Note that anal sex (penetration) between a legally and legally married husband and wife is not permitted. That’s it.

(Popularity: 82) Can we make male sex toys out of olive oil?

It depends on what they are made of. Silicone? Metal? grass? Yes. emulsion? Oil will degrade them. Jelly rubber? Hmm, maybe? Depending on the exact composition, you might be fine, or you might end up with a gooey mass that slowly collapses into itself. Jelly rubber is the mystery meat of the sex toy world – you can never be sure what you’re getting, but you know it’s probably not good for you, and it’s certainly not the best cut of steak.

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