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(Popularity Rate: 63 ) Why are people carrying around baby Yoda dolls and acting like they are real babies?

ttle we know, based on the first three episodes of The Mandalorian (and what I’ve read in the canon novels released thus far), the Outer Rim (and probably a good chunk of the Galaxy Far, Far Away) is in something of a chaotic state.
Grief Carga mentions that the remnants of the Empire have become warlords and/or mercenaries and, my guess is, the New Republic that rose from the Rebel Alliance has it’s hands full trying to establish a new government and moving from a military guerilla force into a governing institution.
Grief Carga – Head of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild
The value of Imperial currency is in question so, in addition to political upheaval, it stands to reason that the galactic economy is in something of a state of flux.
It’s usually at this point (at least on our planet) that individuals like The Client begin carving out their own little ‘fiefdomsâ€?and working to consolidate their power.
The Client
Imagine if building a power base in a galaxy in chaos was your goal, and you learn about a baby who could potentially have vast abilities within the Force.
The Client is old enough to remember the Jedi, and the Clone Wars, and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that having an individual with Jedi abilities that you can control would be a big Asset (Pun intended since Baby Yoda is referred to as The Asset).
The Asset – cute cuddly guy or template for a new Clone Army?
I don’t recall hearing it in the episodes, but there is a popular ‘factoidâ€?on the internet that states that Dr. Pershing (The Client’s scientist) Is from Kamino.
Dr. Pershing – Mad Scientist?
That is where the Clone Army used in the Clone Wars originated from so, if that is true, my guess is that Pershing was employed by The Client to discover a way to clone The Asset, and create ‘Clone Force Usersâ€?for either him, or someone else.
In the third episode The Client growls at Dr. Pershing to ‘extract the materialâ€?he needs and, my guess is he is referring to a tissue sample, or something similar, from which clones of the Baby Yoda can be made.
So, for that reason The Client put a bounty on the baby’s head, and apparently employed Grief Carga, and most of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, to retrieve the baby for him.
All of this is

(Popularity Rate: 61 )

etter in the world. Besides, I have a big dream of becoming a writer myself.”, ”, “My favorite thing to read is erotic novels. Unfortunately, they’re often not hot enough for me. That’s why I’m doing research right now. I want to experience a lot of hot and intense sex, which I can then relive later in my own novel.”, ”, “In addition, I find it vibrating sex doll so exciting to imagine someone reading my erotic adventures and getting super turned on. The stories wouldn’t be made up, but true experiences and maybe one or the other reader would even re-enact my adventures. Or imagine if my novel was made into a movie and hit the silver screen. That would be absolutely amazing for me!”, ”, “Don’t you want to be in my novel? Let’s have some really kinky sex together! If you want, I’ll change your name in my erotic novel. We could write stories together and even do it multiple times, if you know what I mean!”, ”, “I’m up for all sorts of dirty deeds. As a three-hole mare, I leave all my f**k holes at your disposal and if you want you can share me with other men. The climax of my erotic novel could be, for example, an S&M party where I am used by several men or a hot orgy. I’ve never been in an orgy before. But I’m getting all antsy just thinking about

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) Are Narcissists selfosexual? What was your experience?

e. The common usage term for this has been auto-erotic. The sexuality of narcissists, like every aspect of the narcissist’s world, is focused on the self. The narcissist is in love with, and sexually attracted to, only him/herself. The sexual partners of narcissists are sex toys or appliances with which the narcissist masturbates to enjoy his own body and sexual sensations.
A long-term partner of a narcissist experiences the reality of this in a very poignant way. While, at first the love-making with a narcissist seems to be multi-dimensional and intense, the intensity and layers quickly peel back, in the opposite direction that intimacy develops. This is because the narcissist’s focus is on himself having sex. The more anonymous the partner, the more he is capable of focusing on the only person to whom he is attracted in all the world—himself. To the extent he is interested in his partner at all, she is a mirror of his beauty and prowess. In a relationship with a narcissist, familiarity breeds contempt—in the narcissist. The sex doll serves the narcissist less well as a generic appliance once its face has become familiar and scorned. Then he is less inspired by the beauty and wonder he previously imagined in the sex doll’s eyes. His imagination is hampered by the familiar face and body. He resents this. He feels intruded upon by a person who sees him clearly. He can barely enjoy making love to himself. His attempts are half-assed and boring. After a while, he lacks the inspiration to even bother.
A narcissist is profoundly attracted to pornography and prostitutes because of the anonymity of the partner which is what he really needs in order to focus on his own body and sensations. He must not be distracted by another person. The naked bodies of others are his sexual enhancers, and he is the sole focus of events. Cyber sex with webcams is the ultimate for narcissists because they can watch themselves on the webcam and direct the show.
Both of my narcissist exes were addicted to pornography to an extreme. Both engaged in it many hours daily. N#2 had difficulty going 15 minutes without it. He devised ways to be in contact with porn all day long everyday via his phone, laptops and Kindle readers that had porn capability. He got up in the night and indulged it while I slept. He could not sleep through the night without a porn fix. He had devices hidden throughout his house, car and outbuildings so that he could access porn at all times. Both of these men also had frequent random sex with strangers, more so, N#2. The live women were an extension of the porn fantasies. N#2 combined watching porn with chat with dating and sex hook-up site women whom he then met for sex. He did this all day long everyday, even under my nose. It was a daily battle.
N#2’s favorite thing of all was the webcam sex. Oh, and triangulation. He conducted sessions with cyber hookers in the chat feature of my business e-mail so that I would see the evidence of this later on.
Torturing their long-term partner with their cheating is a huge turn-on for narcissists. It’s sexual ambrosia for them to have a human being focused on their sexuality in a way that intrudes on their health and well-being. This makes them feel sexy as hell.
I’m a sex machine, he thinks. I’ve got her really

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) What would happen if someone invented a sex doll that can give more pleasure than any woman? Would there be more decent men in the dating scene?

, with the eternally likable Karl Urban, playing a cop who is partnered with an android, played by the underappreciated Michael Ealy.
One of the episodes has them investigating a crime involving Intimate Robot Companions, aka ‘sexbotsâ€?(“Almost Human” Skin (TV Episode 2013)
Watching this episode really got me thinking about things. I mean, just imagine if you could order a female robot tailored to your specifications (looks, height, weight, cup size, attitude, personality). How would this change human relations and the dating scene? What would it be like if men no longer felt like they had to go to bars and spend a bunch of money trying to get laid, when they have a ‘womanâ€?at home that is always willing and able, and gives them precisely the kind of sex they want without judgment or shame? What would it be like for women to have a ‘manâ€?that will touch them and fuck them exactly how they want, without ever needing to fear that they will take it too far, will hurt them (unless they want them to), or violate their Irontechdollconsent?
Do we become more secluded? Will large portions of the population just cease trying to find a companion, and use robot companionship instead? Will people enter the dating scene for the ‘rightâ€?reasons, since their physical companionship is already covered, and pursue genuine relationships only?
These are exciting question

(Popularity Rate: 20 ) What’s the funniest court case you’ve seen?

om where Beal lived is a cove with a beautiful beach which is about 250 metres long. People go there for nude sunbaking. One of the people was Mr Beal.
At about that time, the Premier of Queensland decided to grab a couple of votes by cracking down on nude sunbaking, so he ordered Queensland’s finest to be let loose. They threw themselves at the job.
As a result, Mr Beal was arrested in his birthday suit and charged with indecent exposure. I knew him vaguely. He phoned me and asked whether is was a criminal offence. I told him it was, so he retained me.
Now, Mr Beal was a civil engineer. Although he was an Australian, he had spent most of his career designing and building freeways and the like in Colorado and Arizona. He was meticulous. So, off he went and surveyed the whole beach from the southern to the northern headland and drew a detailed plan of the locus in quo, showing where he was, where a couple of other people were, and where the police had first appeared around the rocks on the southern headland.
Mr Beal was about 100 metres north of the rocks.
One other thing. Mr Beal had a copious head of black hair and over-sized sideburns. The lower end of each sideburn was gray – maybe one or two centimetres (1/2 to 1 inch for the Americans).
We turned up in court. There were two police witnesses. Their witness statements were a joke – one was a cut and paste of the other with the names and pronouns changed appropriately to protect the guilty. As you will see, the statements were also stupid.
The young cop testified that when he and the old cop came around the rocks, he had seen Mr Beal stark bollicking naked, standing on the beach.
So I cross-examine him.
Me: You said you identified my client from the rocks.
Cop: Yes.
Me (Almost certain what he was going to say): You couldn’t identify him from there, could you?
Cop: Of course I could. My eyesight is excellent.
Me: OK. describe to the court the man you saw.
Cop (I knew he would): He was tall with black hair and grey sideburns. There he is sitting beside you.
Me (Got the lying bastard): Could you see his genitals.
Cop: Of course.
Me: Tell the court, was he circumcised or not?
The Magistrate nearly fell off 100cm Sex Dollthe bench laughing.
Mr Beal was acquitted on a point of law – there has to be something sexual associated with public nudity to make it indecent behaviour.
Most trials are a tragedy, one way or another, but even tragedies have amusing moments.
I remember another trial that I reported back in 1996 as part of my entry requirements for the Bar. The judgment is on the web at X.queenslandjudgmentsX,au. The case was Donely and Donely v Donely and Others.
For present purposes, what happened was that Justin Donely owned some farming land, but he was holding it on trust under his father-in-law’s will for the benefit of his two small sons, called at the trial “the boys.â€?Justin wanted to buy some more land and equipment for himself, but he didn’t have the necessary cash, nor any available collateral.
Nothing like that ever stopped a crook. Justin went to the local branch of the National Australia Bank, borrowed the money and gave the bank security for the loan in the form of a mortgage over the boys�land. The crucial point for this story is that the bank manager knew that Justin was holding the land in trust for his infant sons, but took the mortgage anyway.
Needless to say, it all blew up and the bank sold the boys�land.
Years passed and the boys turned 21, which, in those days, meant they could sue in their own names. They were majorly pinged off at Justin, so they did.
They retained solicitors who took the job on a speculative basis – no win, no fee – and those solicitors retained my good friend Tony Morris QC to appear on the same basis.
During the trial, Tony was cross-examining the bank’s regional manager about its lending practices. He had contrived to get the banker excessively defensive. The guy was trying to work out which questions were trick questions and which weren’t – which is an excessively stupid thing to do.
Anyway, Tony put it to this turkey that, of course, the bank loaned money to farmers so it could earn interest.
Blow me down if the banker didn’t answer with a straight face, “No. The bank doesn’t care about interest. It’s more concerned with helping the farmers.â€?Paul de Jersey, the judge, couldn’t keep a straight face and I nearly wet myself laughing. The bank settled that afternoon.
But wait! There’s more.
Justice de Jersey’s daughter was his Associate. At the risk of drawing the ire of those pofaces in the #metoo movement, I can say that she was exceptionally beautiful.
One of the boys thought so because the next morning after the bank blew itself up, the judge announced that one of them had called his chambers to ask if he could take his daughter to dinner. The judge was concerned that maybe he should recuse himself because he might be said to be biased.
Everyone thought it was a great joke, but nothing more, so the trial continued and the boys won.
Sorry about the long answer, but I

(Popularity Rate: 27 ) What is a “reborn” silicone doll?

I believe a ‘reborn’ manufactured vinyl or silicone doll is one that is re-painted (with special paints and techniques) to appear more lifelike, and often the person who repaints the doll will also give it ‘rooted’ hair (real or mohair). Most often, it is baby dolls vibrating sex doll that are reborn, and are made to look like real infants, with veining of the skin, pinking of the knees, knuckles, heels, etc., and even ‘drool’ moistened lips.

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