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(Popularity: 60) What do you think of adopting lifelike sex dolls as companions to tackle the growing problem of loneliness, especially among the elderly?

Lost or lacking social connection, dolls can be very important stepping stones for reconnection and recovery.Ironically, those who judge and denigrate others for owning dolls are sometimes the very same people many are vibrating booty first place. Dolls don’t judge, hurt or abandon you. Many doll lovers have been hurt by others in some way, or have lost a partner, but still crave some form of companionship. Who has the right to begrudge this need of fellow human beings? Someone asked on a doll forum “How many sex dolls do you have?” will answer “No, but I have three emotional support silicone mates”. Or “I have some dolls, none of which I use for sex, they’re just dolls to me”. It would be highly insensitive, let alone cause controversy for anyone to say negative comments from those who have had silicone “reborn” babies to deal with loss, so you can imagine when doll lovers are ostracized and labeled “ordered” “creepy” or “crazy” labels, they also feel very numb at times, they have also experienced a deep loss, like the love of their life, and are seeking the same kind of therapy to replace their lives The “hole” in the . For some people, sex dolls are just “cuddle dolls,” and studies have shown Asian sex dolls that hugging releases oxytocin, which gives you a sense of well-being. TDF is no secret, and many doll owners believe their dolls can cure their depression.I heard about a sex doll supplier

(Popularity: 50) What’s the best way to monetize a sex toy prototype?

Can be manufactured. Manufacturing is difficult (and expensive; it’s always more expensive than you think, even when you consider it’s always more expensive than you think). Supply logistics are difficult. Distribution is difficult. Marketing is hard. Protecting your intellectual property in this industry is very, very difficult.Even well-funded companies with mature manufacturing infrastructure and distribution chains are struggling; Tantus is well known, has been in business for 20 years, and has a fairly simple range of products (mostly cast silicone, no electronics or moving parts, no complex supply chain), with wide distribution in just about every sex toy store and retail you can think of WM Dolls, they have patents on their most popular designs…and their annual net income is only a few hundred thousand vibrating booty dollars, not millions.Honestly, your best bet, as far as I know[1], is to go build a prototype and see if you can work with an established company.try

(Popularity: 55) How did you get a boyfriend?

easiest way vibrating booty Having a boyfriend is all about clay. Take a clay modeling course and try a few times and you’re sure to get a boyfriend. In this sexist world, they make love dolls, I’m not sure, but I’ve only seen female love dolls promoted, so didn’t know it could get a male love doll.

(Popularity: 75) People over 20 still love Barbie dolls and sometimes play with them?

Maybe you could try some adult dolls?

(Popularity: 42) Where can I buy voodoo dolls?

r> You moved it from the original hiding spot to a new place, just remember the first place you hid it. A mouse stole your voodoo doll and stole its guts to build a nest. Your voodoo doll is discovered and disposed of by people who visit you in an attempt to free you from the voodoo curse. They keep quiet so as not to feel your way. (So ​​you don’t flip the script and all the jazz.) Papa Legba’s (Vodun god) rebellious child form enters your house and takes it. After all, he was an unruly thief. This unpredictable little crook might even return it when you least expect it. But you don’t want to mock him, he’s not just a kid. He is also an old wise man and messenger of the gods! He can talk to ghosts; so don’t piss him off or he’ll make sure your house is haunted by a prankster or three. Make friends with him if you can – you’ll need him by your side one day. Play your cards, he might even bring you back from the dead when the 65cm sex doll comes that day – if you ask well. As soon as Papa Legba returns your Voodoo Doll, take it back to where you got it and leave it there. (No, you won’t get a refund, please stay.) Next time you want to buy some cool Voodoo trinkets…don’t. This shit is not a toy! go buy a monopoly board and watch the snake and the rainbow inst

(Popularity: 61) How do I know if I want to marry a 35 year old widower when the girl is 24 (perfect for a normal marriage) and the boy is healthy, stable, childless and loves her a lot?

There is no standard age. Even in an arranged marriage, an age gap is acceptable if the man is eligible. If you love each other, don’t think about age, social rules, or the moral police. Only love makes any relationship work, not age. Loving, understanding and respecting each other is everything. luck! !

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