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(Popularity: 31) Have you ever used household items as sex toys? Which is your favorite?

), shampoo bottles, beer cans, Japanese sex doll phones and bedposts are just a few of the things I’ve eaten in my pussy.I also turned the chair upside down and put ts sex doll Put a condom on them and fuck his leg. This basically works with any type of chair, but I prefer chairs with balls on the ends or platforms so I get that extra feel when I’m inside. It’s important to remember to be safe. Wrap the item with a condom or clean the item thoroughly before insertion. Don’t use anything that will come off in your body and get lost, and don’t use anything spicy or scented. Also remember that cats are magical things.

(Popularity: 49) What would you think if your husband used your sex toys?

If I have a husband it means I’m gay, so I thought I’d be super excited if he used my sex toys and then maybe we could use them together. (I’m not gay/have no husband)

(Popularity: 35) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of sex dolls?

Pros: They don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, they don’t make a fuss about who controls the remote, they don’t get mad at youâ€? Cons: 1. They don’t cook or wash dishes, 2. They can’t give you a beer during a football or baseball game on TV, 3, Sometimes – when you just want a romantic chat – they can’t talk… .

(Popularity: 67) Where to buy sex toys in Mumbai?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on the image to unblur. You should buy from Huge Tits Sex Dollonline stores in India that offer privacy and confidentiality and sex toy stores that offer such a reliable service in sex toys. I highly recommend you to go to sextoybazaar.

(Popularity: 18) Are there any stored sex toys in Delhi?

People who want to keep any secret. I am happily married. However, their chat box doesn’t require your details, you can just start talking there. For me, it’s better because of convenience. No need to log in or register anywhere, just start talking. The person on the other side is a real person, not a robot, who answers all the questions as best he or she can. As far as the product is concerned, I am satisfied with the quality.They will also help you after ts sex doll Already bought from them. Overall, my experience with this site has been very good. this is fi

(Popularity: 58) Is it illegal to import sex toys such as condoms in India?

Yes, it is illegal as such items are classified as obscene under IPC 292 b and their importation is prohibited. In fact, the law prohibits the importation of such items for sale, rental, distribution, public display. But Customs interprets it as a total ban and confiscates such items upon arrival and issues you a notification of illegal importation with a fine of Rs 5000. A safer option is to buy items from local websites.

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