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(Popularity: 46) Do you prefer to use your fingers or sex toys when masturbating?

this answer tpe vs silicone May contain sensitive images. Click on the image to unblur. None of the above…I prefer to get into the pillow because it’s a form of masturbation that feels super hot. However, no fingers or sex toys, I might have to say fingers. While sex toys allow me to have better orgasms, I always have my fingers on me, so I use them the most, and given my travels, my fingers are known to get wet and sticky.

(Popularity: 25) What are men’s favorite sex toys?

I have several. My hands, Japanese sex dolls, the internet, my mind and my imagination. No real “toys”, but I have something to do for me!

(Popularity: 90) If you want to buy a sex doll, what function do you value most?

It’s beautiful, I can get dressed tpe vs silicone I like watching her. Third, she can accompany me, so that I no longer feel lonely. I know of a more formal sex doll site. They have sex dolls of many types and BBW Sex Dollbrands and they are cheap and now they have special dolls. I recommend it to you. Cheap and Best Sex Dolls For Sale Online Lovedollshops has over 10 years of professional sex doll manufacturing experience. If you are looking for cheap but high quality sex dolls, you should choose us. In our store you can customize any of your fantasy sex p

(Popularity: 15) What are the best sex toys in India?

o Satisfy yourself. I still use them on and off for spice. Then on my 20th birthday, I found a vibrator my boyfriend gave me, it was a small bullet vibrator, I used to love it so much I would carry it around. But I lost it so I bought a new bluetooth operated one and it was the best, it recharged and lasted a long time. It has a remote key fob that operates the vibrator. It has 4 pulse settings. It has an SOS-style pushle setup, which I like the most. On my daily commute, I tuck it into my body and wear my panties over it to keep it from slipping out and if I wish I can turn it on with the remote and enjoy without anyone Note the words. (The last seat on the bus is the best place to enjoy a silent orgasm without anyone noticing.) When I was 25, I had the opportunity to go to Singapore. I gingerly searched the sex shop there and bought myself a Hitachi wand and 3 dildos (8″ black and 10″ pink with a custion cup on the end so I could stick it to the floor and ride It and a vibrating white rabbit) was the best gift I’ve given myself in a long time, and I’m spending more than my budget on this. I still have them over the years and use them almost regularly.I lost the vibrating bunny to a battery drain but I replaced it with another pink bunny, then in addition to this I recently had a bunch of ohmybod and saved to

(Popularity: 51) Kelly (28)

I am a very discreet sex doll assistant! “, “I’m Kelly, 28 years old, and I’ve worked for many years as a management assistant in a large, successful company. I have to admit, to this day, I still don’t know what I’m doing. I earned my spot through the service of playmates, and I’m so good at it that I can often expect decent pay increases! “, “My boss is a very old geek, not necessarily my first choice, but he is actually a very nice person and relies a lot on my services. As a good assistant, I’m already on the starting line whenever he’s looking for me, because he’s often stressed and needs me several times a day. “, “I usually tug him in between his exhausting meetings, but if he’s particularly stressed, I treat him well. In the office, I’m his bed, it’s an open secret rabbit, but I don’t care what people say. After all, I can expect a welcome raise at the end of the month. “, “Sometimes we travel together, all for, lessons.He showed me the most beautiful places in the world and I am a big fan of him

(Popularity: 91) Susan (28)

Like I did when I was 18. Of course, I don’t want to live without this luxury! “, “Basically, I’m not a spoiled brat who just goes shopping all day. Of course, like most women, I love doing it, but I have other hobbies too! I like being the center of attention. I have always been very popular. I used to be the most popular girl at school. ‘, “I’m still popular even today. I’m an it-girl who leads the latest fashion trends among young girls. That’s why I model from time to time. Not that I need it. But I just love being The center of attention. At parties, I also like to be the center of attention, I like to dance on the table.”, “After a night of partying, I like to relax in the sauna with a good book, or go for a swim. Good Well, how about you? Like my hot body? I’m not picky about men! Do you want to fuck me? You can, if you can continue to fund my luxury life. Then you might not only have my p*** y, and my ass and my gluttony. Or do you want to share me?

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