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(Popularity Rate: 53 ) Why are the really realistic looking sex dolls so expensive?

nsory experience, with that technology. There are already companies developing peripherals to go with virtual reality headsets, to help bring simulations to life. Because you aren’t looking at the machines, they don’t need to look synthetics silicone dolls realistic.
Japan’s first virtual reality porn festival cancelled due to overcrowding
Insane VR Sex Machine Sells out in Japan (NSFW, Obviously)
Sex dolls that currently exist can

(Popularity Rate: 26 )

m holding out hope for my dream prince. Maybe you have been disappointed by other women and yoursex dollf**k buddies so far, but I think that this can be something great for us.’, “I’m not a real party girl, nor do I have a lot of 65cm Sex Dollsex- it’s quite the opposite. I love to spend time at home, in the garden or at the cinema. It may well be strange, but I haven’t even had sex or had a boyfriend with whom I have exchanged intimacies as a TPE doll.”, “I never dare to take a step towards guys and boys often don’t find me very interesting because I am a very quiet love doll. Of course, this hurts me as a sex doll but, at some point, I just realized that I am a young, sweet love doll who has completely different needs and preferences.”, ‘I know that I am now anadult doll’, “who simply enjoys older men. Because boys my age are too wild for me, while I prefer the more dignified and quiet types. By older, I mean 50+, because these kinds of men radiate such a pleasant calmness and wisdom. That’s why I’m looking for a”, ‘real dollowner who will take my virg

(Popularity Rate: 85 )

m a daughter by profession, so to speak. As long as I meet my father’s demands, I can do whatever I want. When important events are coming up, I have to come along, smile, and make my father’s business partners feel good. However, as a real doll, I sometimes do that in a slightly different way and not the way my father imagines it.”, ”, “My parents are often out on business trips, which leaves me home alone at the villa and allows me to party with my sex doll friends, for example. I also love to go out for cocktails, dancing, and of course shopping. When I have the villa to myself, I have already had fun in the pool with a few of my father’s business partners. I let them f**k me as their sex doll. Sometimes I even did it with several of the business partners at the same time in the pool. One of the guys is breathtakingly good at eating me out.”, ‘He just pulled down my bikini bottoms without TPE Sex Dollwarning and licked and fingered my greedy sex doll p***y. Then, he pushed me into the pool and gave it to me rough. First in my tight little p***y and then in myreal doll’, “ass. Since then, I have been getting it from these business partners, which I, by the way, enjoy very much. My father’s business is going even better!”, “If you want to make me a happy sex doll, synthetics silicone dolls you don’t have to be rich, even though I enjoy the luxury life, of

(Popularity Rate: 24 ) Has someone ever given your child a present that bothered you?

bash my ex, sincerely, it’s just the truth.)
She walked in and I heard him race off. Then she showed me her “newâ€?iPod. (Well, not new, it had been her older half sisters, she was 16. ) She said her Daddy had given it to her.
(I wasn’t surprised because I’d asked him several months earlier, to just talk with me before giving her electronics, in hopes we could have a United plan for access or monitoring inappropriate content for her as she was getting older, he just ignored me)
She was so excited and she told me that “theyâ€? I assumed they, were her Dad and his GF) loaded it with a bunch of songs for her. She started listening and then got a strange look on her face…then it turned into a shocked, then embarrassed. Then she suddenly took out the earbuds and just handed the whole thing to me.
I looked at the screen and saw that the song she had just heard was called
“Bitches and Ho’s Can Suck My Dickâ€?by Dre.
Yeah, not kidding. Wish I was. I scrolled through and my heart just dropped and my head just couldn’t wrap it self around what this was about.
I literally started making excuses for him in my own mind so I could avoid what I was really thinking. He did this on purpose. There were over a thousand songs from a variety of artists including a lot of hard core rappers. I stayed calm, although I think my voice took on a kind of a Sing song like tone.
I asked my daughter,
“Honey, are you sure that Daddy GAVE this to you? â€?She said “Yes. He showed it to me then said I could have it but he was going to put music on that we could enjoy. ( I missed the “weâ€?part at first.)
But I don’t know that songâ€?
I said “Ok, Can I have it for a bit? I’m gonna call your dad and see if he made a mistake, ok?â€?She already knew it wasn’t really right and that it probably wasn’t a mistake, but I said it anyway.
I went to my room and texted him. ”Ok, what’s with the new Ipod? Why would you do this?â€?Pls call me.
Instead his GF texted me. She Texted “Actually, I loaded the Ipod, I don’t think he knows how to do that kinda stuff.)
Only what I knew, but she didn’t, was he did know exactly what to do. We’d had some issues with iPods and account and authorizing and he and I had to figure it all out, he was lying to her. Or she was lying for him.
I hadn’t responded yet and she She texted “I just added my whole Itunes libraryâ€?
“My son and daughters music too!â€?
(Her daughter is 12 and her very wholesome son was off at college, I’m thinking he didn’t leave his music, especially that kind of music on mommy’s computer)
She was panicking.
I respond “Ok, that explains some things. But I kinda need to try and wrap my head around this, so can I just talk in a sec.?â€?She texted..
“I didn’t censor it or anythingâ€?”its my library…â€?I replied “What?â€?“We didn’t censor it because we didn’t think she would take it home with her.â€?She’s clearly not going to speak with me. For some reason, the woman refuses to speak on the phone or face to face. (not in 5 yrs, )
Nothing she texted made things any better.
As she just kept panic texting me little excuses.
I got more mad. What really bothered me about this whole “Giftâ€?thing was it wasn’t about giving my kid a gift at all. They used her, and they did it on purpose.
The reason I knew that they did, was because they were talking about the music.
But hadn’t even mentioned it yet. Never even hinted that I knew what was on it. Just that he gave her electronics when I asked him to talk to me first. So, they knew it wasn’t ok before I even asked.
What ever he was cooking up, was intended to make me look bad by the next court appearance he had recently filed to modify his visitation. He was going to have to pay child support, but more time with our child would lower the amount.
But it didn’t go as he was planning, it had back fired.
Now I had something and he had nothing.
Not that it mattered, he’d lie about something else.
So the next text I got was Monday.
He texted “Give the iPod to Her, (our kid) and she can meet me out front so I can pick it up today.â€?I said “No.â€?He texted â€?What do you mean No? You need to hand it over, now.â€?I didn’t respond.
There was a DV protection order that prevented him from coming to my house unless he’s picking her up for his visit and communication is to be peaceful and about our daughter.
He texted “You better hand it over or She’ll (his GF) lose all her music! I mean it! I’m coming right now!â€?I responded, “No, you aren’t coming over. You have no visit today. Give me a break! You forget I know. We both know that won’t happen. It’s only authorized to one account. Yours or Hers. So the music won’t get lost. â€?He threatened to “come in and get it.â€?I replied “No you won’t. Because that’s not ok for your child and because I’ll have to call the police and you’re go back to jail.â€?I asked “I don’t know what you are trying to do, but Why would you expose her to this stuff? You need to just stop and focus on being a decent Dad.â€?Nothing.
“are you worried cuz it’s still connected to your account? You were going to blame me, huh?â€?He never responded.
Since then he’s also given an iPhone and demanded I let him put her on his plan so he could get a discount. But I then he could track her but I couldn’t and she lives with me. I declined. But told him if he wanted to actually contribute to the cost, he could. He didnt. Then he gave her a tablet, but he registered it to himself and deactivated parental controls. When I asked him to change it or give me the password to add parental controls he refused. Then it was a laptopâ€?this is ongoing and exhausting.
But the best part was 3 yrs later she was now 13 just got home from his house and apparently she got in a fight with her half sister who promptly went to their Dad, my ex, and outed her.
He texted me saying â€?you better start acting like a parent and start monitoring what your kids doing on the internet and shit.â€?( I swear, that’s word for word.) “I’m sure that’s why she’s coming up with all this crap she’s been doing and stuff she’s thinking recently.â€?(I figured he meant that her Custom Sex Dollcell phone turned her gay? )
I already knew about the fight and her sister telling her Dad she was gay. I didn’t tell him because I thought she had a right to tell him when she felt comfortable.
I responded
“I am on top of her internet access, what are you referring to exactly?â€?He responded
“If you won’t be the parent, Than give me her password and I’ll take her phone away and do your job if you can’t”!
I ignored the doing my job part since he never has, not worth the effort to address.
“What rumors are you hearing and we are grown ups, just tell me who’s telling you things that you aren’t just addressing with her while she’s in your care ?â€?Then he admitted it was her sister but said I shouldn’t tell our daughter or else â€?She won’t trust her anymore and she won’t be able to spy on her for us anymore”.
I said I don’t want her to spy, I wanted her to just have a normal sister. But you do this and they resent each other!â€?Please just try to be a decent Dad and be supportive. If y don’t support her, don’t be a dick.
He responded �fuck you.
While most divorced couples are able to set stuff aside and do what is best for their kids, some just can’t, or won’t.
Usually, when it’s a custodial parent’s “offâ€?weekend, (when kids go to the other parents) its their time to just relax. Date or just do what they want, and NOT worry.
I honestly would welcome a gift from him that really was just for her to enjoy, wouldn’t even care that I can’t afford it but he can , I just want her to have what she deserves. This isn’t what she deserves. A gift, should be a gift. Not a form of manipulation .
The gifts he’s given her have never been for her enjoyment, there is always another agenda. And always a way for me to be the bad guy, because I’m the one that will take it away.
I divorced him because he was is abusive. The court decided he wasn’t, at least to his kids. They are absolutely wrong.
But the way he tells it�
â€?I just wanted to give my kid a a gift. I don’t know why she ins

(Popularity Rate: 44 ) Do sex toys show up on airport X-ray machines?

t looking for metal items, they are thoroughly searching the contents of the bag and the scanners they use provide an absolutely incredible view of the contents of a bag.
So, yes, they can very vividly see whatever it is that you have inside that bag.
Travelling with sex toys is far from an unusual synthetics silicone dolls thing however. A TSA agent will see something like that go through the machine many, many times a day. They are, by and large, discrete professionals. If they see something in your bag that may be offensive and/or embarrassing, and if it so happens that they need to search the bag, they will ask you to go to a private room before they search your bag in the open.
Keep your toys in a small sealed bag within your luggage with no liquids or especially dense items (like books â€?the machines can’t see through them well, and

(Popularity Rate: 24 ) How many sex toys can fit inside the average man’s anal cavity?

Average? I Got two good size dildos up my ass once. I also got one dildo so far up my ass that I couldn’t get it out! That scared me and had to use water to back flush it out with the shower massage handle. I one put 23 synthetics silicone dolls household ice cubes up my ass.
I have been Chinese Sex Dollfisted before and really liked that.
Average size would be probably just one small sex toy.

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