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(Popularity: 76) Have you ever used an old electric toothbrush as a vibrator?

About 30 years of my life – still needing​â€?2 or 3 dentist visits a year, fillings – just like my siblings. My parents trained us and embraced that. I moved out of state – found a dentist who sold me an electric toothbrush at a discount. 50% reduction in cavities fillings and I brush once or twice a day (usually once) with my new brush. One day my new toothbrush broke – I had to replace it at a nearby department store for more than the dentist initially charged. On my next trip to the dentist, I bought a second brush as a backup when my most recently purchased brush ended up failing. I took my second brush to work and started brushing occasionally after lunch. But I really don’t believe my auto-swipe is that good, so “once or twice”/day is still typical. Teeth cleaning (3 times a year) is a pain – almost as painful as fillings. I would plan on spending at least 2 hours in the chair with the dental assistant scaling over and over again. There are new cavities every year. One day, I brushed my teeth after lunch, just before my scheduled teeth cleaning. That day, more than 1/2 hour after the cleaning job started – just 25% of the normal chair time. This gave me a clue as to how well the automatic brushes worked – “one or two” became “two or three”/day. A year after I switched to “two or three”, the dentist changed my 3/year scaling to 2/year, and later to 1/year. Soon after, he told me I had no new cavities – all he was doing was maintaining old cavities and replacing old failed fillings. My e-brush runs for 2 minutes and then turns off. I move the brush back and forth, slowly, changing the angle side to side and up and down, alternating between the teeth and the gum line. It’s not mindless up and down, then left and right, back and forth – like I did with a manual brush when I was a kid. The brush head vibrates back and forth – supersonic. Moving the brush back and forth so slowly, as I moved the brush, dozens of cleaning strokes (short and frequent) were made per tooth and gum surface. I buy a new brush every few years and change the brush head 3 or 4 times a year. This cost me less than 1/4 of what I would spend on cleaning, checking and filling until I started using the auto brush properly. A brush dampened under the faucet before use only needs “a little” of toothpaste (my dentist’s recommendation) – so I use maybe a quarter of the amount of toothpaste I used before. Rinse well afterwards – my mouth feels great. The brush uses a rechargeable battery, giving me a silicone sex doll week or more between charges. I carry my brushes – and chargers – like I do with my phone and chargers – when I’m out and about. and i don’t have a new c

(Popularity: 48) Do you have sex toys?

Err. Many of them are homemade. I’ve taught myself how to design molds in a 3D modeling program, print them on a 3D printer, and pour silicone to make sex toys.My current project is a tentacle and the suction cups are made of a very soft “grip” silicone, but

(Popularity: 45) Renee (25)

Perfect real doll for you because I’m naturally cheerful and have c**k more than once in my day. By the way, my name is Renee, and even though I’m only 25, I’m a sex doll who can teach you a lot. When I’m not c**k I’m a dance teacher because I can’t use my body for dirty things like a love doll. “, “A generation synthetic doll model Train different age groups in hip hop and even have great success in competitions and tournaments. You can only get a body like mine as a sex doll if you’re ready to really sweat. But I don’t just go all out on the dance floor or the club, no, my motto as a bed sex doll is “all or nothing.” ‘, ‘I am a very sweet lover doll who brings me the greatest joy and makes every wish of my master come true. Because I’m an ambitious sex doll and I want to give you the hottest time of your life, nothing is too dirty for me. Since I’m a no-no doll, you’ll have endless fun with me and forget about all the other women and real dolls.If you want, we can meet first and walk together

(Popularity: 93) Ladies, do you remember having a PJ Sparkles doll? Have you ever loved?

My daughters grew up in the US in the 50’s, but I’ve never heard of PJ Sparkles dolls.sound synthetic doll model American sex dolls and fantasy.

(Popularity: 82) Kristine (20 years)

Planner. I love my job as much as I love Christmas. Fat Sex Doll As an event planner, I have a lot to do all year round. My favorite thing to do though is planning a Christmas party. ‘,”, ‘Such a cozy atmosphere and beautiful lighting everywhere. It always smells like cinnamon and mulled wine. Candles provide pleasant warmth. You can’t help but come up with some cute ideas, right? At many events, over the course of the evening, I usually go on sexy adventures.At the Christmas party, however, things got special synthetic doll model heating. Maybe that’s why I love planning them so much. “, ”, “It’s no longer a problem to seduce employees late at night, when they’re already a little drunk with hot wine or burnt punch. Most of the time, we do it on site. Have you ever had a threesome? At our Christmas parties, it’s usually more than just threesomes. I don’t usually meet just one or two guys. “, ”, “Two years ago, things were really intense. I thought I was going to pass out because of my sex drive! I’m planning a Christmas party for a boy band. Over the course of the night, it featured me in a hot gangbang. The guys clear a table and the awesome action begins. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night. “, “”, “Why don’t we find some time to plan a sinful sex act together? I bet you and I can have a great time together. I love sex more than anything. But I also have other hobbies. There is an ice rink near my house.Skating keeps my body fit and it’s super

(Popularity: 60) Why are silicone sex dolls the most popular?

Married and, in common cases, made their ladies disinterested in sex, or because they never had (1/4 or more women have little interest in sex, but they do want marriage and kidsâ€?â€?and very few women have a stronger libido) that lasts more than a few years, while men have very high libidos for 50+ years) or due to health issues. For the strongest urge to go beyond hunger, the male is left with a terrible emotional and physical emptiness, which is 100% his problem with society, and his spouse may be hostile to any solution he might have other than abstinence . The biggest advantage of dolls is not the interactions that the media likes to exaggerate to turn men into geeks (dolls are seen as human for purposes other than sex etc, which I think is a little weird since I just see them as tools). The advantage of this is that men get a more fulfilling sex life through dolls than abstinence or masturbation. Yes, yes, you can try to get back sex with marriage counseling and health management, and you should, but in 80-90% of cases any slowdown in sex is permanent in a relationship, This is common and normal. As the medical industry has unfortunately learned, female libido issues are mostly complex and unsolvable. How can I be more fulfilled? Surprisingly, this can be a very good form of exercise and can motivate men to exercise more. While it’s noticeably inferior to the real thing in some ways, it feels a lot better than you might expect. After that, you’ll get more satisfaction from actually doing something than sitting and waving your right hand, which is easier on your genital skin because soft rubber or silicone is softer than your hand. It’s a great substitute for an affair and won’t help anyone in the long run anyway. Women don’t have sex with men because of physical sex, they’re always looking for something else, and sex is a means to an end. Aside from cost, the doll has no other agenda.Men see loss of libido as death, can’t reveal the feeling

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