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(Popularity: 69) Margery (26)

Important international diplomat, I was allowed to live in the most beautiful place in the world. Unfortunately, I was also very elitist and conservative growing up, and even now that I’m 26, I can’t live the life I want with the Small Breast Sex Dolla. My parents wanted me to stay the same until I got married. Unfortunately, my position makes it difficult for me to meet exciting men or experience doll-like adventures. So I often hide in exciting literature, imagining how a hero conquers my heart and my sex doll body.For me, as an innocent lover doll, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a master who wants to have sex with my passion”! I know it doesn’t show, but I’m really open to trying Craziest poses and sex as long as I know you’re the right owner of my real doll.”, “So far I’ve only watched porn and stroked myself, imagining how I’d end up getting penetrated. I’m almost and An old diplomatic friend of my father had a relationship, but at the last minute I hesitated because I just wanted to dedicate my virginity to the owner of my future love doll. By the way, if you’ve grown up a little I will be happy because I think you will be more sensitive and understanding

(Popularity: 73) Is it weird that I’m almost sixteen and still like to play with my dolls as if they were real?

This is absolutely normal! I’m 19 now and don’t mind rushing into my childhood toy basket and continuing the silly and wonderful adventures I used to do when I was 9 years old. The focus is much like video games, YouTube channels, etc. They’re just a way to escape reality and stimulate your imagination in some way. I totally recommend to keep doing what you are doing!

(Popularity: 13) Yan (24 years old)

A real doll who constantly dreams of her next stiff c**k. Now, at 24, I’ve turned my dream into a career, not only as a real doll, but as a real porn star. My favorite is playing an inexperienced little girl who will suck any d**k to chase her dreams. I have had my own experience. ‘, “Once you see me in action, you’ll understand that I’m not a little innocent sex doll – I use desire and skill to get every c**k deep into my mouth. I’m never bored. Via From my years of live experience, I know that every pose and every sexual act will make you c*m inside me.”, “Even if I devour every c**k professionally, I wish I had real doll masters, He’s a bit less experienced. I’d love to teach you in a loving and sensitive way how to fill my love void so that I can orgasm. I can invite a few colleagues if you want and you’ll be greeted by a couple of my sex dolls Friends work at the same time. But if you dare, you can also show me new tricks and make me your p

(Popularity: 79) Emerson (30 years)

s quite popular sex doll. I’ve always enjoyed being the only real doll”, “at frat parties. When we’re all super excited, there’s weird fucking or group sex. ‘,”, ‘Now I just turned 30 and look forward to more life than just a sex doll. I want to stay in a monogamous relationship and find the right partner for me. If you were to ask me what the man of my dreams looked like, I couldn’t tell you. I’m now an older man who wants to live a peaceful life with a “sex doll”, “just like me. Because I don’t love a man’s looks, but his character!”, “but only because I want to be Having a love doll in a stable relationship doesn’t mean I’ve become a serious person – quite the opposite! I just want to play with my lust with my husband and possibly my “love doll friends”. I really Not a jealous real doll, if you want to have an orgy with my sex doll friends at the same time, I will try to give you a perfect show. But I wonder if you still f**k another real doll just love me.if you are looking for f

(Popularity: 17) Can you sleep with a vibrator sex toy in your privates?

must! Although I prefer my partner to stay…it’s only going to be long before a role is required. Honestly it’s comforting. Wake up…let’s say…best (wettest) sex ever! ! ! !I recommend a wireless vibe so your partner can use it to wake you up in the morning…but they should set it to the lowest setting and wait for you shooting toy dance pole rise.

(Hotness: 14) In the 1990s, a little boy pretended to be a monster to scare his sister, and the little sister had a Barbie doll. What was the movie in the 90s that made friends with the goblin?

I’ll bite this one, despite my better judgment. Several pairs of porn performers are true pure-blood sisters and have sex with each other in front of the camera. Some of these videos are not widely available on the internet because they may still violate some countries’ loosely worded “decent” laws. For example, in Australia some pornographic content is very sensitive to viewing/downloading because it is illegal for pornographic content to depict or imply that the subject is under 18, even if the performer is over 18. Now that might not count as a true “lesbian” because many porn performers think their job is acting, rather than identifying themselves as gay or bi just because they have a same-sex relationship on camera. Anyway, if you want to see some, look up the Starr sisters. Now talk about real life? Well, I have two examples from my own experience. I became friends with a lady at my local gym. Originally from Florida, she now lives in Texas. She is in her 20s and is a third-grade teacher. She’s a lesbian – not interested in men since she was a teenager. During a “girls night out,” she described her wildest sexual experiences involving nearly identical twin lesbian sisters. They showed little variation in hair color, eye color and face shape. I have no reason to suspect that when she said it the morning after the date, the girls made her ID with the same last name and date of birth. So maybe you don’t believe it because this is a “friend of a friend” story. Another example of mine is personal. I’m 41 years old and married to my husband for over 15 years, but I’ve always considered myself bisexual and have openly dated women in college. During the pandemic, my divorced sister and her two children moved into our house because we were all working or studying online. A bit of a story, but my sister and my husband had sex and I was there and watching, but not the first time involved. Or the second one. But after “pleasing” my husband, we kissed each other for the third time. We giggled like schoolgirls, we were moved, and eventually, we made flat breasted sex dolls for each other while my husband – the luckiest man in the world – watched. Now it’s happened more times since then, but not just the two of us. My sister has never been with another woman – she was always considered straight. I don’t think we’ll ever do it ourselves, or we’ll never do it ourselves.I’m not with another man or shooting toy dance pole My husband and I still have female “friends with interests” as threesomes since my first year of marriage. (Interestingly, these girls are bisexual and more inclined towards women, but they are both rape victims and still feel nervous about having sex with men. Having another woman out there – a woman they can trust – alleviates This fear.) If I’m being objective, I think my sister is going through some backlash. She went through a really ugly divorce, found dating two kids this age awkward at best, and when I asked her to share my husband, she felt so lonely.Sister’s ex-husband is frigid

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