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till playing with dolls, I was already interested in boys. At the age of 18, I went to a fetish party for the first time. At that time, I did not really know what a fetish was. But I quickly realized that this is exactly my scene.So, I went and still go with pleasure to sex and fetish parties. I also like to let myself be f****d by strange guys in front of the guests. I get so horny being watched having sex. I really love to show off. Sometimes I go to parties where all men are dressed, only the women are naked. The guys are allowed to touch myreal doll’, “tits or my pussy when I serve them drinks. I’ll get so horny that I drip every time.”, “They say I have a penchant for the perverse, but also that I am an organizational talent. Professionally, I’m a secretary. To supplement my salary, I sometimes please my boss under his desk. Because I have a big dream. I’d like to start my own sex doll sex and fetish club one day. Of course, I’ll need a lot of money for that.”, ‘Because I love sex more than anything, and it adds money to my household budget, I like to do webcam shows in my spare time and expose my real doll body to the greedy looks of my customers. That makes me so horny and if I am allowed to fulfill their orders and wishes, it’s all the better, so that I can live out my submissive side.’, “I have been single for a long time, but I wish for nothing more than a man at

(Popularity Rate: 88 ) My mom was using a sex toy. What should I do?

ntsâ€?room or their storage space. It’s about respecting privacy. This of course means that parents shouldn’t go through their kidsâ€?stuff in a nosy way either, though.
So what? She’s an adult. She can spend her money how she wants and she can do what she wants with her body. It has nothing to do with you.
If you’re curious about toys, collect your pocket money, do some research and buy your own (preferably something quiet so as not to disturb other people you might be living with). There’s nothing wrong with owning toys and learning what you like and what feels good. It will come in handy (sorry).
*Now, if you and your mother have an honest kind of relationship where there are no off limit topics, then you might use this moment to ask her about what sex toys Custom Sex Dollare because you heard someone talk about them or if you feel very confident and you found it outside of her private space, that you found hers. Don’t bring it up if you were snooping around because that tells her exactly how you found it. Bad choice. Now, I never went snooping in my mum’s things as a minor, and this is what I would’ve done had I found something. Never talk yourself into trouble unless you want to get punished.
So 1, put it back where you found it, 2, get tf out of her room, 3, take some time to mull over your thoughts and feeling and 4, if you really want to talk to her about it, do it in an off-hand kind of way (no names, no specificity) because “you heard about it and you were curiousâ€?
At the end of the day, you should feel happy that you

(Popularity Rate: 67 ) How do I masturbate to where you cum and orgasm multiple times without any sex toys?

th that with a little bit of ingenuity.
However, most women can manage without them.
Assuming you haven’t done this before, here’s a good twelve step program for learning how to have solo sex:
Step One: Pick your time and place wisely and make sure you will have complete privacy and won’t be interrupted.
Step Two: Arrange a comfortable place. It can be your bed, a nest of pillows on the couch or in a corner, or anywhere comfortable with a bit of support for your shoulders and head. Put a comfortable towel wherever your butt is going to be.
Step Three: Get some oil or lube ready. A quarter cup of any plain vegetable oil will do. Try to find a jar, bottle, low glass, or dish for it that won’t spill easily. (And, if you get a chance, warm it up before step six.)
Step Four: Get completely relaxed!
Go for a swim or a run, ride a bike, do sit ups, climb a rope, whatever it takes to get your muscles working and get to a state of pleasant tiredness.
Take a nice long bath or shower. Really pay attention to the sensations of the water on your skin.
Using your hands, not a rough cloth, wash yourself all over with long, firm sensual strokes. Give plenty of attention to anything that feels good, but don’t get soap or water inside your vagina or anus.
Dry off, paying attention again to how nice the towel feels
Meditate if you know how

Step Five (optional): Read or watch something that you know turns you on. I recommend against going on the Internet and just cruising for porn at this point unless you are very knowledgeable. It’s more likely to be frustrating or distracting than it is to get you in the mood, so try to stick with something you already know gets you hot. If that’s looking at pix of your favorite celebrity crush and fantasizing about him, that works too!
Step Six: Warm the oil if possible. (Test it on your wrist to be sure it is just warm, not hot!) Then use your hands to separate your labia and rub oil over the whole area between them (called the vestibule), from the clitoris at the top down to the vaginal opening. Use a finger or two to work some oil into the vagina.
Step Seven: Rub, press, tap, stroke, and play with everything in that zone. Try using your fingers to slide the clitoral hood around over your clitoris, up and down, sideways, and in circles. Squeeze it, tap on it, or press hard on it with your fist. Probe inside your vagina or massage around the opening. Squeeze your labia together and rub them up and down. Add oil as needed. Use a bit of extra oil to rub your nipples too.
Continue step seven until you find something that feels good, then keep doing it! Experiment from time to time with other movements, but keep coming back to what works. If you find two things that feel good, alternate or combine them. The reason you should keep experimenting is that some things don’t feel like anything special at the start, but start to feel really good after you get aroused.
Step Eight: When you find something good, or a good combination, settle into a rhythm. When you don’t need to think about your hands too much, start to fantasize about your favorite crush doing to you exactly what most turns you on. Only you know what your fantasies are, but remember, they’re JUST fantasies. As long as they stay inside your head, they aren’t wrong and they aren’t going to hurt anyone else. So be bold, be bawdy, be raunchy, be weird, be wild! Be the star and the director of your own RomCom, softcore, hentai, or XXX movie!
Step Nine: Hopefully, this step will take care of itself. If everything goes well, you should feel increasing urgency and a need to go faster or harder. Your breathing and heart rate will speed up, a lot of your muscles may tighten, you’ll feel like you’re about to explode…and then you do! Enjoy! That’s an orgasm!
Step Ten: As you come back down to earth, keep (or resume) doing whatever you were doing, but more slowly. After a while, if you have the stamina, pick up the pace again and loop back to Step Eight. Do this as many times as you can. Each additional orgasm takes much less time and effort than the first one, so don’t waste the opportunity!
Step Eleven: When you’re really done, slow down gradually, and then cup your hand over your whole crotch area. Press firmly on your mound and vulva, and use your other hand to gently rub your breasts, belly, and thighs. Good job!
Step Twelve: Towel off any excess oil, tidy up the area, hide any incriminating evidence, and put the towel where it will get washed. (Vegetable oil will go rancid in a few days if you just shove it in a closet.)
Congratulations! Do the whole program several times, until you really get to know what works well for you. But now that you’ve figured out what it feels like, you can start working out what parts of the program you can skip. Many women can do without the warmup activities and the lube, and manage an orgasm in 20 minutes or less with just their fingers because they know their own bodies and they know just where to put how much friction and pressure.
How long does it usually take?
It depends. If it’s you’re first time, I’ve heard people say anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes once they get settled into serious masturbation. Try to allow about 90 minutes for the whole thing, or longer if you get serious about the physical exercise.
What if it didn’t work?
Try again as soon as possible! If it doesn’t work for you the first time, the biggest reasons are:
not private/scared of interruptions
that voice in my head keeps telling me it’s a sin
not enough time
didn’t get really relaxed sex-e-doll first
just the awkwardness of learning to do things the first time

Whatever it was that was getting in the way, try hard to fix it. The second time will be easier, since you’ll know the script and you’ll have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Most girls get it within a few tries.
What if it still doesn’t work?
If you can feel the pressure for an orgasm building and building, but you can never quite get it to release, you need to figure out some way to give yourself permission to let go. I’ve had women tell me they hung for the longest time because of a fear of losing control. So keep telling yourself, it’s okay to let go!
A special case: some women interpret the increasing sexual tension as an urgent need to pee, so they build right up to the edge of an orgasm and then jump up and run to the toilet, where – as often as not – nothing happens.
Here’s the key thing you need to know: the urethral sphincter clamps shut as soon as you get sexually aroused. It’s almost impossible to pee when you’re anywhere close to having an orgasm! This is just your body getting confused between two contradictory kinds of signals from the same part of the body. If you can’t resolve it through will-power, try masturbating in the tub and give yourself permission to pee if that’s what happens. It won’t, but you’ll feel safer and be much more likely to orgasm.
And if it STILL doesn’t work?
The above approach will work for most women, but not all. If you’ve made five serious attempts and you’re not even getting close,
please go to The-ClitorisX
and read about some of the many, many other ways that women can masturbate.
These pages, in particular, include lots of good info and helpful ideas:
Female Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy
Anatomy of the Vulva
The clitoris, can you help me find it?
How and Why Women and Girls Masturbate
Common Female Masturbation Techniques: How Women Give Themselves Pleasure
Girls and Women Share Their Masturbation Techniques & Sexual Ex

(Popularity Rate: 99 ) Are there any good DIY sex toy idea?

le imagination.
When you say “for womenâ€? I assume that you mean for those with vulva’s. That narrows it down some. For someone who likes vibration on their clitoris, or someone who likes to insert things into their orifices?
To the former, I’d say an electric toothbrush might be the best innocuous substitute for a vibrator. There are so many vibrating massagers on the market now, though, that I’m sure something more powerful than that can be located. Of course, I am only familiar with the US market. Anything that vibrates may feel pleasurable on your clitoris but be very, very careful if it has any sort of cutting end! I, personally, wouldn’t take that risk.
Phallic-shaped vegetables – banana, cucumber, squashes, etc. – would probably work best as dildo substitutes.
There is no sex-e-doll shame in using what you got on hand for pleasure! Just make sure items are clean and/or you use a barrier such as a condom. It would be highly unlikely to contract an STI from an inanimate object, but they can Robot Sex Dollstill have germs and bacteria on their surfaces and, keep in mind, the most common STI is the common cold! Don’t put something inside you if you don’t know what it is made of without a barrier, as some plastics can contain toxic materials. Finally, don’t insert anything in your anus that does not have a flanged end, as items can be pushed too far in fo

(Popularity Rate: 50 ) Husbands, are you okay with your wife using sex toys when you are not around?

My traveling salesman boyfriend had no experience with sex toys prior to our relationship. I’m sure I shocked him the first time I used a vibrator in front of him at the beginning of the relationship so he knew I used them from the get go. We actually went shopping together several times at the adult store over the course of the relationship and explored all kinds of fun things.
I shared with him a memory of one of our sexual encounters that I regularly used when playing with my toys in his absence so he knew when I was doing this I was thinking of him. I always fantasized about him (we had a mind blowing sex life together so this sex-e-doll was easy). By sharing what we both thought about there was no threat to the relationship and we both definitely thought of each other as it was a highly fulfilling relationship on that score.
Because we were long distance and he traveled we FaceTimed regularly. Eventually I began using my toys while he pleasured himself too. We had small tripods to hold the iphones (don’t try this without one lol). Eventually he got his own toy (a sleeve) and brought it on his travels as well (boy could I tell you some funny TSA stories about that!).
Because we were long distance we both regularly pleasured ourselves together over FaceTime or alone but when I knew he would Chinese Sex Dollbe coming to town I wouldn’t for days before as it’s easy to get less sensitive if you get used to the heavy vibration of a toy and coupling with him and the orgasms that followed were always preferable to something self manufactured even if you are doing it together via video.
This man is also the love of my life so that I am sure made a difference, we had a very open communication and deep emotional bond as well so

(Popularity Rate: 83 ) Would you suggest using sex toys to your partner?

her or not we feel that sex toys will be a good thing to try.
I am a fan of using sex toys with a partner. While I take great pleasure in using them on my own, there is something incredibly intimate about sharing this pleasure with someone else. You can show them what makes you feel good and experiment in order to make them feel good too.
The discussions I am in with my current partner are taking a while, because this is still very new to them. They have never been as open about sex before, and so it is taking a little adjusting to them. However, if they tell me that they do not feel comfortable using sex toys, I won’t bring it up again. It is all about what you and your partner both feel comfortable with and staying within your limits.
I read a fascinating piece by Amanda Chatel
recently, in which she highlights the various ways that sex toys can actually help your relationship. They are as follows:
They lead to more communication – If you chose to use toys together, you’ll need to sit down and discuss what it is that you are looking for. Because of this, you will be able to open up the conversation more, giving you the chance to talk about many different things.
They take the pressure off – sex-e-doll As Chatel points out, performance anxiety is a huge factor in the bedroom. If you struggle with it, toys might be the perfect solution to help you work around Sex Dollit. If things aren’t going to plan, toys can save the day.
They strengthen intimacy – When you use toys, you are sharing with your partner how you would use them. It adds a layer of intimacy to the proceedings and you might see a side of them that you have never seen before.
They are a gateway to more – Sex toys can be a fantastic stepping stone into more. You don’t have to keep things so vanilla if you don’t want to, though if you do that is perfectly okay. It is all about what you and your partner feel good with.
They mean better sex – Needless to say, sex toys are designed to bring us pleasure. This means that they can really enhance your sex life, leading to better orgasms. Chatel tells us that this is great because “studies have confirmed that couples who have an awesome sex life are far more likely to have a happy relationshipâ€?
If you

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