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(Popularity: 81) My girlfriend keeps snoring and farting in her sleep. Like constantly farting and snoring. She is petite, so I really wonder how she can produce so much gas. what should I do?

I could clean up half the store with one of my farts (I know. Not something to be proud of, but pretty hilarious at the time). Some days I fart seem tight, like every half hour. People fart. Women fart. Petite women fart. This is how the human body works. Some people fart more. Some people have intestinal problems or dietary intolerances that cause them to gasp more after eating certain foods. But the behavior itself is very common. When snoring again, size doesn’t matter. Some people have sinus or respiratory problems that cause snoring. Some people snore only when they drink alcohol. Some people may have sleep apnea, and persistent snoring is one symptom. If you can’t get over your girlfriend’s snoring and farting, maybe you should try to find someone who can’t either. good luck. Alternatively, you can talk to her about snoring and see if she feels rested in the morning after a night’s sleep.If she’s not resting and is all snoring, she may want to consider a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea sex doll realistic sex doll time. You can talk to her about her denial of farting and ask her if she has any allergies or intolerances. Then you can cook for her and avoid those foods.I solved these problems by having a boyfriend

(Popularity: 58) How viable is the Indian sex doll market? Are Indians ready for them? Are there any Indian companies currently working on them?

nd met with faculty and staff. There, I got a complaint about the mannequin material, and I went to the room where it was kept. When I removed the cap to inspect it, it ripped from the vagina. Bite marks are visible on the breasts. Teacher Ai Bei Doll stood there, and I told her the scores. She was embarrassed.Actually this is the job of th

(Popularity: 26) How does Chucky (from the Killer Doll horror movie) perform in the real world?

Follow its advice. Horror Movie Character Survival Guide Here are the top 10 tips for any character in a horror movie. If one day you happen to find yourself in a horror movie, use these tricks wisely and you might be alive. Until the sequel… never investigate or say you’ll be “right back” – thirsty? Ask for a sip of someone else’s drink. Forgot something in the woods? Reduce your losses. Hearing strange noises in the basement? Pretend you don’t. Whatever you do, just don’t announce a quick detour from your team or it will be your swan song. The “I’ll be right back” trope has become a precursor to horror movie death scenes, so much so that audiences almost find themselves backing masked attackers to punish those who never return. No, you won’t be right back. You’ll bleed and hang in the dog hole in the garage door. Turn around because it’s always behind you – while dodging the mad, knife-wielding evil, you might ask yourself, “Where is it?” Answer: Right behind you. Learn from those who walked before you. In 1991’s Silence of the Lambs, FBI intern Clarice Starling had at least the foresight to bring a gun into the lair of a sadistic serial killer. Clarice barely made it out of the basement alive. You will not. Just ask the cast of The Cellar. Never watch a horror movie when you’re alone – if your horror movie night starts to look creepy autobiography, turn on the lights immediately and make sure all your kitchen knives are taken into account. If there are any recent reports of asylum breakthroughs or mysterious demonic rituals, stay away from horror movies. You might be in one. Actually, stay away from all screens. There’s a reason Poltergeist and The Ring both have sequels. Make sure your car is always in perfect working order – if you can get away with that masked killer, remember that cars are usually unreliable. Battery life always succumbs to the weird and inconvenient horror time continuum, a force that will always throw you into the lurch when you need it. Or at the moment of your zombie horde attack. Before leaving the driveway, make sure you bring an extra set of keys (the first one is sure to be lost in the initial attack) and consider pre-emptively visiting a mechanic…anyway, he might be an axe murderer. Don’t part ways – most of us learned this lesson at age 5, shaking our heads during Scooby-Doo replays as Shaggy and Scooby-Doo run in circles while everyone else gathers clues. Actors who didn’t end up looking like House on a Ghost Hill (if you’re lucky, the tame 1959 version) were picked by this week’s movie Monsters. “The power of numbers” may be a cliché, but it’s more appealing than “dead like a doornail.” When it’s haunted, move out of the damn house – if you (or one of your kids) can provide any solid evidence that the grand old house you just bought on the cheap is haunted, put down the caulking gun and leave. We’ve seen too many families trying to stick to a haunted place: Amityville Horror, The Shining, Paranormal Activity. Your attempts to escape the dead will prove futile as evil spirits use you in a wonderful game of possession and killing. Sell ​​the house and pay for the loss yourself, okay? Wear comfortable shoes – any threatening calls lately? Was there any cryptic message scribbled in blood after your best friend was murdered? You might be next. Scary nights rarely allow for a wardrobe change, so wear comfortable shoes for the first time, even for a formal event. Watching Sarah Michelle Gellar try to escape from a hook-wielding fisherman during a beauty pageant is fun, but that doesn’t mean you should repeat her mistakes. Ladies, combat boots only. Avoid Prom and all other high school parties – Prom should be avoided at all costs in case of vampire attacks, revenge killings or the occasional prom queen with the ability to slaughter. Big parties for teens are like slaughter-prone cat bites, so why use corsages and bra pushers to boost attractiveness? Don’t go to the dance. Photos are always bad anyway. Always assume your attacker is alive – yes, suspenseful conclusion. If you’re lucky enough to be able to do this, you may have made some very unrealistic Rambo moves on your killer at the last second. Your attacker lies motionless on the floor. You breathe a sigh of relief and let your guard down. Blunder. Zombieland in 2009 covered what to do in these situations with an action called a “double click”. Always provide a second critical hit to ensure your attackers are dead, as they will definitely come back for more. Keep your pants up – if you have sex, you will die. In teen horror movies, people who break up for an energizing moment or two usually end up losing more than their shirts. Friday the 13th features a whole bunch of horny teen camp counselors who are dismembered one by one while sneaking away to get the film an R rating, most getting slapped in the face with an axe only minutes after the tryst Above. If you want to improve your chances of survival, stay virgin and get a mental patient

(Popularity: 51) Is tech replacing men with gadgets like sex dolls and vibrators?

It was first used in 1878 at the Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, with Romain Vigouroux credited as the inventor. It was originally invented for pain relief, but you know…anyway, it’s a little hindsight: If women want to replace men for sexual pleasure, we can use our hands.Actually dildos (not vibrating) existed even in ancient history: Dildo – Wikipedia World’s oldest known

(Popularity: 21) How can I buy sex toys without my mother knowing?

Masson. Second, go to the store and buy an Amazon gift card (whether you do it with your parents or not). Third, tell them that the gift card is for a shirt or something you want to buy that’s only available on Amazon (lie about its cost so they can pay for you, or you can buy a gift card for that amount). Fourth, if your parents don’t give you money, use the money you save to buy sex toys along with the shirts you buy. Fifth, when you get a sex toy in the mail, it comes with the shirt, so your parents expect you to get something in the mail (the shirt), not something else (your sex toy) .Also, maybe you should bring the box sex doll realistic sex doll go to your room and tell them you want

(Prevalence: 65) Why was the sex doll law not repealed as an unconstitutional violation of private property?

Why was the sex doll law rejected as an unconstitutional violation of private property? What “law” do you mean? I’ve seen cheap sex dolls for sale on Amazon.then it’s not that easy

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