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(Popularity: 62) What is the term/name of the person who sits in the cockpit with the pilot during an airline flight?

es from the left seat. The seat on the right was occupied by another pilot: the first officer. Both are eligible to fly the aircraft. Each person flies one sector of the plane at a time, taking turns (the captain decides who flies which sector). The main difference is that the captain is the captain (PIC). He/she is responsible for the operation of the entire flight (including the behavior of the co-pilot) and is responsible for the final decision. For this, he/she collects all relevant information, including input from the co-pilot. Usually, the captain is mo

(Popularity: 25) Is there anyone who might be working in someone’s house looking for personal items like panties and sex toys in a drawer?

I’ll break the ice and answer. I’ve worked in a lot of houses and if there are beautiful women living there, I always want a chance to browse their drawers. Especially when mother and daughter look good. Many times I check their panties and bras. I will get as many samples as possible to take home for masterbate.especially if their smell is still there sex doll granny them. I ended up with quite a collection and had many interesting meetings with them.

(Popularity: 64) Why do narcissists not like deep kisses? Is this to avoid intimacy? The number one kiss from my narcissistic ex was to peck me on the mouth or cheek.

o, On the surface, there is nothing “deep” in a relationship with a narcissist. It’s all superficial, pretending, it’s acting at its best, lies at worst. This is not a real relationship, you need to know and be aware. You are not their partner, but a “supply”, an “object”. They don’t treat their thoughts, ideas and opinions like real people, you are “a thing” to them; a teddy bear – “now teddy sleeps, now teddy wakes up” etc. . So, this attitude applies to sex, kissing, and everything that comes with normal, healthy intimacy. I can’t speak for every narcissist because every narcissist is also their own person. I think some people are sexier than others, and some narcissists don’t care about sex. I can only speak from my own experience. The guy I met at the time was very interested in sex, I’m not the psychologist who analyzes his behavior, but I can comment on what I’ve observed. One thing I noticed very quickly was that he substituted sex for true love, intimacy and connection. Since he is unable to connect on a deep emotional level, instead he is interested in physical nakedness, another substitute for love and connection. Sex is really about fucking, not having sex. While there, there’s no real connection, no way to try to reach out and feel his lover, it’s all very mechanical, like a big sex machine, a robot. I can feel that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, and I can comment on that because I’ve had very different experiences with past partners. I observed that he had difficulty maintaining an erection because he was unable to connect with his emotions; the disconnect between body and emotions manifested in this. Other times, he prepares to perform while sleeping, then is awakened by his readiness. I came to the conclusion that he wasn’t really enjoying sex either, but was always looking for fulfillment, however, there was always this emptiness. For him, sex is just physical nakedness, there is no way to find a deeper connection, so there is no deep kiss, because of the lack of this software called empathy. For example, my narcissistic ex sees sex as a sport and trying to practice it to get better is the best way I can say. I kept reminding him that I love being kissed but at first he would kiss me and when I was looking forward to the connection during sex his kisses became like he was licking me like a cat like he was giving me Take a bath or lick the wound. He knew there was an expectation, but couldn’t connect the dots. I felt like an object because I knew he was struggling to maintain an erection and he was so outspoken that he wanted to “heal himself”. He realized he was being held back in some mysterious way in life. He’s basically using me, trying to “heal” it, but I feel like he has faith in sex and nudity in order to transcend his flow into something deeper, and while I know it’s totally futile, he never Won’t be able to do this because he has to go deep into his emotional trauma and instead put all his money into the physical side, I can’t help but f

(Popularity: 11) As a “Millennial” dad, I know how hard it was growing up and recently noticed a change in my son’s “Internet use”, but I think I should let him embrace it and give him access to sex toys. We had a “talk”. Is this recommended?

is own. He will curse himself!Watching two people having bizarre sex sex doll granny Scare his real sex partners when he tells them about his plans. As my girlfriend once told me, my husband is great in bed. Now he’s looking at this crapassporn and seeing these drug-addicted nerds doing it.he

(Popularity: 54) A few years later, does the movie Ex Machina represent a possible real-world scenario?

See it, but give it 10 or more and I can see the first bots and bots that can think for themselves being used to do jobs we no longer want to do, and it won’t be long before they start wanting rights. It’s a tricky topic because some in the tech world don’t think advancing AI is a good idea, while others think it’s necessary.It’s a risk and morally grey to get into the realm that makes them think and be l

(Popularity: 11) Where to buy sex toys in Udaipur?

g Have some fun in the bedroom, or are you in a soft bondage? If you’re just after some basic sex toys, here are my suggestions? Vibrators – These are great for getting both sides going! They are highly interactive and will stimulate both him and her – one physically and the other mentally! Soft love ropes / bondage ropes or blindfolds – again a great way to get into cosplay situations that will attract him and her. This is very soft anime Sex Dolland doesn’t mean anything else. Fifty Shades of Black Sex Toys – believe it or not – these are great for introductory sex toys, especially if you’ve seen the movie. They’re affordable and, when used properly, can be fun and sexy.Women’s and Men’s Sexy Clothing – Okay, So Not Sex Toys, But Don’t Discount

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