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(Popularity Rate: 87 ) What are your thoughts on Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany telling Fox News host Sandra Smith on Wednesday that President Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is a “big dealâ€?

with so little knowlege about the prize herself.
Just to make things straight I have no idea about Americian politics, or do I wish to be involved. But, I am a citizen of the country that gives out the Nobel Peace Prize award, so I felt it was important to explain, as this statement is so misleading.
I checked KE out and it astonished me to see that she actually has attended Harvard Law school. Apparently she has a BSFS in International politics, from Georgetown University, and has previously worked in media Fox news and CNN. She obviously hasn’t travelled – or done her homework on the Nobel Peace prize.
Good grief what are they teaching young students over the pond I thought. And she is 32 years of age.
The Nobel Peace Prize award is not just to be given to Americian Presidents. It is an International award which is presented to candidates from ‘’all over the world.’â€?Only a year ago we heard that President Trump thought he should be given the award for denuclearizing North Korea 🤦🏻
And recently these tweets appeared. Never in a million years will Norway give an award to any person in the world with this attitude. Moving the US Embassy to Israel, didn’t go well down in the middle east at all in International circles.
Well here is some information about the Nobel Peace prize.
Alfred Nobel was Swedish and a trained chemical engineer. It is unclear why he wished the peace prize to be administrered in Norway, which was ruled in union at the time with Sweden, when he died in 1896.
It is speculated that he considered Norway was better suited as it did not have the same militaristic traditions as Sweden.
At the end of the 19th century Norway became closely involved in the Inter my real dolls review – Parliamentary Union’s efforts to resolve conflicts though mediation and arbitration.
The idea behind this prize is of course PEACE – awarded to a person ‘â€?who in the PRECEDING year shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between Nations ‘â€?â€?The prize has been awarded 100 times since 1901.
The process of selection.
The Nobel Committee prepares to receive nominations. And of those who are qualified to nominate.
Deadline for submission is the 31st January each year. As most of you will understand the nominations for 2020 expired eight months ago. This year there were 318 candidates. The names of the nominees are never announced, due to the 50 year secrecy rule.
A shorter list is prepared during the months from February to March, where the committee of five people assets the candidates work. This is a thorough – going discussion where information and updates are required from experts often from foreign countries.
The five members of the committee are elected by Parliament.
From March to August the process of candidate reviews.
Finally after a major vote is made It is announced in October. So, this years award has not yet been announced.
After the award is announced then the award ceremony is held in Oslo in December. This is a huge event where families and friends and colleague’s to the awarded are often present, with members of the Norwegian Parliament, Royals and different institutions and organizations. It is held in Oslo’s City Hall.
Later afternoon after this prestigious award is presented and the ceremony with classical music and speeches are over, the Norwegian people arrange a torchlight prosession in honour of the award winner. In December it is winter in Norway, so it is quite a sight to watch. The winner and his wife- husband or a close member of the family, stand out on the nobel suite balcony at the Grand Hotel on the main Street in Oslo to accept the applause from the people.
An extremely popular award winner in 2014 and the youngest ever was Malala – ♥️
A concert during the evening with the ‘â€?laureate ‘â€?and prominent guests. It is broadcasted to a global audience and reaches up to 350 million households in a 100 countries. It is a Musical tribute and includes performances by artists representing several different cultures from different corners of the world.
It truly is a spectacular event â€?💥💥💥
So – back to Kayleigh McEnany. Well most of you will now realize that the announcement made of President Trump as being the upcoming candidate is a huge PR stunt.
The award for 2020 is yet to be announced, and Trump is NOT on the list of the ‘â€?18’â€?candidates that have been nominated.
Nominees never announce names of candidates, and to speculate that a person should get it at the end of 2021 is quite ridiculous. That depends on who is nominated and qualifies, according to the procedure next year.
This has been done to create ‘â€?bless ‘â€?- around the elections in the US, which is entirely against the award purpose.
The award presented for peace in the middle east 26 years ago lead to nothing.
In October 2021 an announcement will be made – after reviewing another 3â€?00 potential candidates.
So what do Norwegians think about all of this – We shake our heads.
The Nobel Peace prize is given to a person or an organization that is genuinly interested in accomplishing ‘’PEACE IN THE WORLD ‘â€?As we all know peace starts in ones own country first. Whoever wins the election in the US, whether it be Trump or Biden, have a huge task ahead.
Miss Kayleigh should be focusing on the current pandemic situation – violence – brutality and protests in the US, instead of fooling – forging the Americian peo

(Popularity Rate: 47 ) Can I get married to a sex doll?

been planning for it for years. When I finished college, I wad quickly made to marry this guy. I was only 21years old. He was really handsome and successful in his field as a civil engineer. Many people think I am lucky. I thought I my real dolls review was too when I first saw him. Two weeks later, we were married.
Little did they know it was hell for me. On our wedding night, he was a little drunk and he did what he had to do even if I don’t want to. I was a virgin of course. I was raised in a strict household. I didn’t show my displeasure during that night. He was a little too rough for me. I thought it was really supposed to be this way. The next morning I am full of bruises from last night and when he saw it, hr doesn’t seem to be sorry and only said it was just passion.
He was too controlling. He insists that he knows the passwords of all my social media accoubts. He never let’s me leave the house except for the time where I would need to do the groceries. Although, he would alwayd insists that I do it with him on weekends. He never lets me meet my friends even if they are all girls. He doesn’t even want me to work even if I have been wanting too. I barely even handle the finances here, he controls everything. I don’t even have money of my own. Though he would buy me presents and other expensive things.
During our marriage, I felt like a sexual object to him and not a wife. He doesn’t even bother to connect with me or get to know me, what I like, what I love, the places I want to see.
Every night after he comes home, he would take me to bed and just do it and after that he will just fall asleep. At home, he would fo nasty things to me. He would just lift my shirt up and feel my breasts, kneading them, pinching my nipples and sometimes twisting them (I hate that because it hurts but he enjoys doing it). He would touch my butt and feel me up down there.
He manhandles me, he hits me whenever we have arguments and especially if I would talk back to him. He never lets me make my own decisions. He said a good wife should always do whatever his husband told him so. I tried to tell my family but instead of siding with me, they scolded me from being rebellious and said I shouldn’t bring shame to our family. They said I should just be a good wife.
I tried to endure this relationship for 2years. I tried to be good and I would just give up. I remained silent and never talk back to him. It was all good, tolerable. No fights, nothing.
Until one day, one of my friends informed me of his infidelity. I didn’t believe it at first until I saw pictures. Before that, I would always notice him talking on the phone and how he would always go outside to take it and be very far away from me. I didn’t think about it much before.
I talked to my friend about it. Apparently, he has been constantly philandering for years. She told me about how my husband would talk to my friend’s husband about clubbing and the girls he would have sex with. She felt sorry for me and wished she could help. I only told her thank you for telling the truth.
I deleted the conversation on my messenger but saved the pictures. I told it to my family. I thought they would support me this time but I was wrong. Except for my sister, she was sorry for me but couldn’t do much for me. However , my family informed my husband’s family. We all had a talk about our marriage and how we could fix it and let this issue slide to avoid embarassment.
On the way home my husband beat me for telling this things to our family and for spying at him. It turned into a violent fight. I yelled out in anger that I would divorce him and i can’t take this anymore. I tried to run away but he pulled me by my hair and dragged me back to the house. He kept hitting me until i passed out. I woke up on the bed and my hands were tied up said he was punishing me for my behavior. I was half naked on the bed, he was touching me all over. He was threatening me if i ever tried leaving him again.
“You are not gonna leave! You are going to stay here! Do you understand?â€?He said all while he was mercilessly twisting my nipples. I even screamed in pain but he slapped me. I was bleeding that time from my mouth. I’ve got two black eyes and bruises
He raped me that night and eventually let me go when I promised I wouldnt leave him again. He eventually took time off work and stayed at the house 24/7 to make sure I wouldnt do anything.
But then, I took my chance and ranaway to a friend. Helped me documented everything, his abusive behavior etc. He was charged of course but he was able to bail himself out. I surrounded myself with my friends which made him sign the papers and I was finally free.
However, I am sad that my family cut ties with me . I’ve tried to reach them for years (except for my sympathetic sister who knew about it) and I’ve done everything I can. Sometimes, I miss them.
I stayed with my friend for a while. I was able to get a job as a customer service representative. Something my parents doesnt ever want for me to happen but this job will do. Better than nothing. After a few months, I was able to afford my own apartment and I eventually moved out of that city. Six years later, I was promoted as the team leader and get a decent pay that makes me able to travel.
I met my second husband in Morocco. We dated for two years before we decided to get married. Now, I am pregnant with my 2nd child with him. He is a social worker, a wonderful husband to my 2year old daughter and my baby in the womb
Thank you for your time for readi

(Popularity Rate: 67 ) Would you purchase sex toys or condoms online? Why or why not?

The whole reason I established X://
was to create a non-sleazy portal for people to purchase 100% body-safe sex toys in a discreet way, my customers have been extremely happy and love that the items are posted in plain packaging and each item is individually wrapped before going in the box for extra protection. I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to buy from an online store as long as it looked reputable

Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

(Popularity Rate: 26 ) What is the best way to get a hard-on when your wife is not interested? She is 14 years older than me. I need help.

Ways to spend quality time together that builds romantic & physical desires. Mental Romantic Foreplay should be a daily constant, not a demoralizing 1-minute rub before a sex-demand.
Medical issues that might decrease physical desire, and treatments.
Depression, lack of hormones, lack of exercise/sleep/nutrition/stress reduction,
Methods to my real dolls review ease physical discomfort or pain.
Increase physical pleasure & fun (female-friendly erotic movies, books, role-playing, gadgets, etc.) (Look on Jezebel, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health Magazine for links to female-friendly erotica and information.)
Tiredness/Stress: if the wife Qita Dollis working, plus doing ALL the chores in the house, cooking, shopping.
Find ways to share the work, or hire some of it out.
IF she is exhausted from kids, take over more of the childcare and move closer to relatives so they can help daycare them.
Simplifying Lifestyles: Reduce stressors, reduce spending, reduce amount of work needed to finance/clean/maintain everything. Research “Voluntary Simplicityâ€?.
Ways to NOT

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Is the world’s oldest profession, prostitution, at risk of being lost thanks to robotic sex dolls, which feel like humans, and can be made to specifications to resemble the perfect human body, and are disease-free?

Robots cannot replicate the human factors. People that want sex from an inanimate object will buy fleshlights and realdolls. People that want to make a connection with somebody will still look to humans. There are some prototypes with minimal interaction, but it’s a long way to go.
On the other hand, I think that people who don’t want to treat their sex partners like human beings have an option that doesn’t Cheap Sex Dollinvolve other people.

(Popularity Rate: 64 ) Can a 12-year-old have a sex toy in the Czech Republic?

There is no legal barrier I know of for a 12-year-old to own one. However, acquiring it legally might be a challenge since display of related marketing materials to minors might be of concern to authorities. Sex shops are generally accessible from 18 years of age. And consent Male Sex Dollsto sexual activities can be given from 15 years of age. If 12 years old child orders one online, it would be probably the easiest and the most legal scenario.

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