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(Popularity Rate: 17 ) What does a narcissist do and how do they feel when you change your phone number and block them on Facebook? That’s what I did to my narcissist.

eplace the narcissistic supply you have been providing (an overused term, but a good description). People are objects (toys, essentially blow up dolls) and so are easily replaced. That’s the hard part to swallow, I know. If your leaving and blocking them makes them “look badâ€?to others (for example, that they have “failedâ€?at marriage or lost some sort of trophy), I imagine they will become indignant, offended, enraged, whatever. But they need people to survive, Male Sex Dollsso most have a Plan B and C (as well as D-Z) waiting in the wings…â€?. and no, the new supply isn’t more attractive, smarter, more successful or better than you in any way. They are merely good supply due to their convenience, cluelessness, and possibly, codependence. The big issue here, I think, isn’t how *they* feel that you blocked them, but how YOU feel while in no contact with them. It isn’t easy. If you are waiting for a reaction, then you need to look at why you need the validation that they care. That is like expecting blood from a beet. They just don’t have the capacity for real connection, healthy attachment, empathy, remorse, all the things that make us fully human. If this is what you are struggling with right now, the wondering how they feel, then I suggest you get really, really busy. Like, fun-type busy, something completely different and new and challenging â€?so much so that you are forced to be completely absorbed. And stay off Facebook. Facebook is narc heaven, and narcissistic types thrive in these forums because it is all show and little substance. Be proud of yourself if you made the first

(Popularity Rate: 95 ) What are you ashamed to admit you like?

I’m likely opening myself up to massive ridicule and judgement but in this moment it feels right to finally be able to share what for me is the definition personal shame.
I’m twenty four years old. I work for a promising start up on the west coast. I am a cyclist and life size male sex toy have run two marathons. I donate a quarter of my earnings to rotating charities throughout the year. In my personal and professional relationships I try to be as warm and genuine as possible. I like to make people feel accepted.
It’s possible that I overcompensate morally because what I do when I’m alone is reprehensible. It’s a strange balance I try to achieve to make me feel like I am a valuable member of a society that surely would shun me if they knew that I’m plagued by an overwhelming compulsion to go to the bathroom in my pants.
I’m not sure why or how it started but for as long as I can remember I’ve felt a powerful drive to do this. I learned at an early age to keep this part of myself hidden, though as I get older I find myself in situations that risk exposure on some level.
I wear dark colored jeans. I pee in them a little bit at a time. After a while the pee dries and smells faintly acrid. I pee a little more. I find the warmth of it comforting. If I’m feeling brave I’ll wear the jeans on a hike or for walk on the beach. I do this every day.
It happens a lot when I ride. I can spend whole weekends on my bike, often cycling forty or fifty miles a day. I never stop when I need to pee. After an hour or two my light blue kit is soaked from the waist down. I can only hope that when people drive by they think it’s just sweat.
Once the desire to do this grips me it’s very hard to resist. Even if it’s number two. I have a fairly sizable lawn and garden. Things grow like crazy in the California sun so I spend hours every week keeping it as beautiful as possible. It’s during these warm afternoons and evenings working outside that I poop in my pants. There’s no one around to see the bulge in my shorts, or to smell me. I’ll spend hours like that, working up a sweat, shirtless in the sun with all this extra weight in my underwear. I know I should hate the way it feels but I don’t. I love it. I’m not sure why.
When I was younger and these compulsions first started I didn’t really know how wrong it was. I remember walking home from the movies with some of my friends on my eleventh birthday. I stopped to tie my shoe and without even thinking about it I pooped my pants. It just happened. I savored the way it felt underneath me. When I caught up with my friends they thought someone had farted but after a while they figured out what had happened because of the way I was walking. They made me stand in one spot while they inspected me from behind. Then they ran to my house and told my dad what I’d done. Needless to say my birthday party ended in disgrace and I never did it around anyone from school again.
I know from internet searches that people like me exist although they’re very rare. I go on plenty of dates but always find an excuse to not get serious with anyone for fear that they’ll reject me once they know what I do. It’s something I’m ashamed to admit that I like because most people fin

(Popularity Rate: 86 ) Are the haunted dolls on Etsy real?

some dolls are probably not haunted, while others may be so. But I would err on the side of caution, and try to make sure I knew someone Aibei Dollskilled in exorcisms of some sort, in case the doll was not only haunted, but what was in it was dangerous. I had never had a haunted doll experience personally, so when someone here at Quora asked about haunted dolls, I did some researching on the subject prior to writing on the topic at Quora. Some I learned were not haunted, just given that reputation by the owners, but there was one, whose eyes changed to a glowing life size male sex toy green, that I beleive may be haunted. Since spirits can possess people, who already have their spirit in their bodies, it should be easier to possess houses and dolls, who have no spirit. Not all spirits are nice, others have issues you may not be ready to help them wit

Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Do today’s children (6-10 years old) prefer tablets and consoles or real toys like cars or dolls? Why?

uestion, either.
We do have a tablet and a laptop computer, and there are five games they can play between the two devices. One is educational and teaches grammar, spelling, multiplication, and division. It uses games to reinforce these concepts. The others are Minecraft, Chuzzle, Chess, and Fruit Ninja. They love to play these games. They love to play board games, as well.They also love to play basketball, baseball, and tennis…outside. They ride their bikes in the yard, and sometimes they run around the house like crazy people.
Based on my experiences, I think that children still like to play with physical toys, but they like the simulated games as well. I think a lot has to do with what they are given and how that is done. Exposure is important. When my children want to play a board game, they don’t want just the two of them. If I pay it with them, they enjoy it more.
If a child is left to his or her own devices, having no one else to play with, a video game will provide more immediate simulation to the ch

(Popularity Rate: 39 ) Has any Quora user ever visited the real Annabelle doll and if so, did you experience anything paranormal?

rum because so many pooh-pooh it. I’m not looking for dismissal, you asked me a question; I have an answer it. It’s just like that and nothing else.
I should also mention that I’m not a superstitious person myself; it’s not that I don’t believe, but more like it’s a last resort kind of explanation, when all else fails. Immediately jumping to the “omg it’s a ghostâ€?explanation is kind of lazy to me.
So I guess this is where I tell my story. I’ve already told this story before but it’s buried under my other answers so I’ll just tell it again. I was 17 at the time and staying over at my grandmother’s house because she was sick and she explicitly asked me to stay over. I didn’t mind since it was 20mins away from my house. I did mind, however, the fact that this had to happen during the biggest exams of my life. It’s like Malaysian IGCSEs, to give better context. I’m not sure on the American equivalent; SATs?
One night I had dinner at my house and then went back to my grandmother’s place, where I noticed the lights were all already off, not surprising since my grandmother’s an early sleeper. I let myself in, locked the doors again and went to the guest room where I’d been staying so I can shower before continuing my revision.
I explicitly remember coming out of the shower while drying my hair when I heard my grandmother call my name. I stood there for several seconds as I glanced at the clock, very sure I misheard because she definitely is asleep at this time of night. Then I heard her voice call my name again, this time very clearly. The doors are thin at that house so it wasn’t alarming to hear her voice so clearly. I called out to her and then, silence. I called out again, afraid she also misheard me. More silence. I decided to go to her instead so as I entered her room I saw she was already asleep in bed in front of the TV. When I switched off the TV she woke up and spoke to me. I asked her, “Did you need me for anything?â€?She said no and asked why did I ask. I replied, “I heard you calling my name so I thought you needed me to switch off the TV.â€?She just shook her head and said she could just use the remote for that. She was heavily medicated so her words were very garbled so I naturally assumed she called me but forgot about it.
I shrugged it off then and got into bed to study when I heard a knock on the door. My grandmother’s frail and has difficulties getting off the bed alone so she has a bell she used to call the maid over to help her and I assumed she forgot to tell me something and called the maid to call me. I got up, opened the door and found nothing. Then, I assumed I took too long to open the door so the maid must’ve decided I was asleep. I closed the door, climbed back on the bed and started to study again. Not long after that, I heard knocking on my door again. I opened the door again, thinking it was the maid again, only to find no one there. Again.
By this time I was annoyed because I definitely opened the door as soon as I could after the knocking. I closed the door again, frowning. As soon as I did, it knocked again, sounding close to my chest, which was how tall the maid was. I frowned in annoyance and refused to open the door, even though I was right in front of it.
That was when it was like all hell broke loose. The knocking became banging with open palms and it multiplied to sound like at least three pairs of hands. Either it multiplied or someone was knocking really fast on different locations on the door, you pick. Some of the banging sounded at chest height and some high above me and since I was the tallest person in the house, made me doubt it actually was the maid this time. I was so shocked I jumped away from the door, staring at it, mouth agape. The banging on the door was so hard it made the door shake and I sprinted to the bed and right underneath the bed I saw a woman, whose face was grizzled beyond recognition. She held her hand out to catch me but I leapt over her grasp and into the bed, scrambling into the covers. Outside my fabric cocoon, the banging went on and on. I screamed, “Leave me alone!â€?as I cried myself to sleep.
Needless to say, I di

(Popularity Rate: 13 )

by trade. I love my work more than anything else. My profession has advantages but also disadvantages. It would be nice to have a serious relationship. But because of my job, I am constantly on the road, so I just don’t have time for a steady partner. I also train several hours a day. Of course, this has advantages and disadvantages too.”, ‘Without a steady man at my side, I have a lot of freedom, which I enjoy very much. And when I want sex, there is nothing more awesome than a hot one-night stand. I have already conquered the stages of the world. Probably — no, for sure — I have already seen every country on every continent of the world. And I have met many great men. ‘, “Yes, sometimes I have even fallen in love. But because of my job, it is impossible to enter a serious relationship. That is not bad. After all, I’m still young and can always settle down later. Until then, I enjoy hot sex with changing partners.”, ‘I have seduced some men directly on stage at a one-night stand. The guys just love it when they see me shaking my hot curves while dancing. I enjoy this feeling of power! Before you get involved with me, you should know that I like submissive men who let themselves be led.’, “So, I set the tone during sex! If you don’t mind, then I’m looking forward to letting you lick my sex doll p***y! Of course, I will be grateful if I like your tongue acrobatics. Maybe you may

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