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(Popularity: 44) Why do so many people tell me their life stories and their work? Many topics are deep and they sometimes cry. They are always at least 20 years older than me.

r, that doesn’t mean you can’t get used to it. It can be anyone, even non-living things. Its human behavior, people are always looking for someone who can understand their feelings and share them with him/her. They are always looking for a friend, and a friend can be anyone. It can be human, animal and non-living :). It’s not limited to age groups. Most people share their feelings so they can find their own solutions. They can make their own conclusions, they want your feedback, your suggestions. A lot of people just like to talk. Many people just want to say their word. They were just talking, and the person in front of him had been listening.he/she will How to order sex dolls Doesn’t want your opinion, he/she just wants to keep his opinion. Because he/she feels that he/she is right and the others are wrong. Sometimes they feel that this matter should be concealed and not told to anyone, but they cannot conceal it. If they want to tell you, they will give it to you, on the condition that you do not disclose it to anyone. People are really amazing :). Sometimes they find that no one is listening to them, so they start journaling. It is also a form of sharing emotion with non-living things. I want to tell you the name of a movie, Cast Away, in which a guy named Chuck Noland is stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes, and he uses the remnants of the plane’s cargo to survive. In the film Wilson, Volleyball is Chuck Nolan’s avatar friend, and Nolan’s only companion during the four years he spent alone on a desert island. remember, p

(Popularity: 62) Do you like Cabbage Doll?

American Sex Dolls Personalized With “Adoption.” (See this New York Times article from the early 1980s, Cabbage Patch Children: Born to Pay for ‘Adoption’) Another view is that the original inventor of the doll, a man named Martha Nelson Thomas The Kentucky artist came up with a design, hence the saying “only a mother can love”. This handcrafted appeal is fitting for the era she made them, as the arts and crafts designs of the 1970s emphasized a less polished effect, in contrast to the sleek perfection of the hard plastic dolls of the 1950s and 1960s. Whimsical soft sculptural designs were all the rage at the time, and “ugly and cute” was part of a trend for other plush toys. Martha Nelson Thomas started making the Cabbage Patch Dolls as we know them in the early ’70s, and she would “adopt” them to family and friends. Xavier Roberts, for all practical purposes, took the designs off when she wouldn’t allow him to sell them. (There are subtle differences between the early handcrafted Martha Nelson Thomas ragdolls and Xavier Roberts’ ragdolls and later vinyl dolls, but the basic designs are very similar.) Thomas was not interested in mass marketing of the dolls because she thought the dolls were personal Art creation. (See this short and engaging VICE story: The Secret History of the Cabbage Children.) Either way, it’s the marketing genius of bringing uniquely nuanced little characters to the mass market, or the heartfelt work of dolls

(Popularity: 83) Why are male sex toys stigmatized?

Are you related to Prostate Massagers or Strokers? Or just general male sex toys?

(Popularity: 25) If I ask a question about video games, smartphones, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, aliens, the future of tech, minimalism, rap, guns, religion, and sex dolls, it produces A lot of hits? ?

No, it probably won’t be successful because you’re trying to ask too many things from very different subjects at once. Why would someone who writes about Star Wars and D&D answer a question involving sex dolls and minimalism? It doesn’t make sense. Please only ask one thing at a time or it will be downvoted or deleted by Quora moderators.

(Popularity: 49) Will my doll stop loving me?

fir. Your son is playing with a doll and the word everyone hangs on “doll”. They don’t want to realize that the most important word here is “toy”! A toy is a toy that allows children to use their imagination and release a lot of joy. Why have toys become so gender-oriented? Like you just asked about dolls, aren’t GIjoe characters classified as dolls? Yes dolls, boys have been playing with dolls for decades. They might want to deny that and say they have action figures like I grew up with action people, but the truth is, no matter how you take them apart, they are dolls. Your son is showing a nurturing side at such a young age, or you can throw an action figure at him and see what he does and if his behavior changes, but now your son is enjoying playing Fun with toys. Who says dolls and strollers are only for girls, so are action figures. This is what you think as the child’s parent, and no one else thinks there’s any harm in seeing him play and have fun. Boys playing with dolls don’t trigger homosexuality. It shows how caring and open you are as a parent. If you don’t think it’s wrong, then why bother with what other people think? Play is play! My nephew was only two years old when I took him shopping one day, and I promised to give him a toy train. He didn’t get the doll and he cried and I bought him a doll and stroller and I was embarrassed until I realized when I was pushing his stroller from the store he had his push and he walked beside me cross the street. When I looked down, I didn’t realize my little nephew was imitating me pushing his stroller. Is this the same for your son who is trying to show you that he knows what you are doing for him and that he wants to show you that he is learning from you! ?But as for him playing with dolls let him keep doing it, just let him play and let other people think what they think you are not narrow minded

(Popularity: 82) Why does Japan attract weird Westerners?

because we don’t have How to order sex dolls Often see them and Chinese sex dolls they are not like us.Many westerners already stand out from the crowd because of their height and most importantly, if they have blond hair and blue/green eyes, they will stand up

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