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(Popularity: 12) Are there any sex toys that imitate clitoris sucking?

Make your pussy tingle and warm. If a guy does this…it hurts and I want to headbutt him or I can’t feel anything. That’s one of the reasons I don’t deal with men anymore. I thought they would give me breast cancer. when they grab them and suck them. Not kidding. I think girls will be better at it. I am right. Just thinking about the feeling of a girl’s warm wet mouth… her soft tongue and those sexy tricks massaged my breasts… made me drip and my clit hard. Women just have a lot of skills that men don’t have…except softer and better feeling body parts like tongue…lips…mouth…cat. They know how to use them. Jelena Jensen and Kenna James have a gg scene where kenna makes Jelena orgasm just because Kenna sucks on jelena’s tits. Women find that unbelievably good.A generation

(Popularity: 10) What would happen if you randomly picked two video games and crossed them?

Or two fresh ideas mixed together. So it’s not uncommon to combine features from different games, but it needs to be done in an educated way. If you play two games, Female Torso Sex Toys With any two games, you may end up with games that are played differently and satisfy players in different ways. Will the combination of Age of Empires and Angry Birds be what you think it will be? I’m pretty sure this will be horrible.The ingredients in the mixture should be different

(Popularity: 13) Shelby (19)

Haven’t introduced myself yet, which I’d rather do right away before I forget. I’m a ShelbyTPE sex doll, 19 years old, and my friends say I’m a big mouth. I will never get bored because I will always make you laugh and of course female dolls will give you the best time of your life because that is my job as a real doll. When I’m not out dancing with my friends, I love theme parks and food. I love my life because Adolan loves to share my passion for life. If you’re feeling down, I can be the sex doll that cheers you up right away! Too bad I haven’t found the right person who appreciates my stupidity. That’s why I still don’t have as many sexual experiences as areal dollyet. But I’m a sex doll who wants to learn, and there are a lot of crazy ideas in bed. I love porn, it’s my biggest inspiration. I certainly want to reenact some scenes with you when you become my sex doll master. I promise you, I won’t get tired anytime soon. I’d love to get fun sex toys, do some role play, or even ge

(Popularity: 29) Juniper (42 years) Doll’s Lounge Exclusive

Less, I’m 42 years old. My age doesn’t bother me at all, I think the more experience a sex doll has, the better her work as a “sex doll” will be. “I was a real doll to my husband over the years, but unfortunately he has completely lost interest in sex over the years. I really tried everything I could to get him to try again, but in vain. Now he’s not just a mean bastard, And he’s also totally useless if you want to have a proper fuck as a sex doll.”, “That was a few years ago, and in the meantime, I have some sweet bedmates as district dolls. They Many of them are much younger than me, and some are even older than me. As a love doll, I like all men, no matter their age or appearance. As long as they really want to have sex.’, ‘I am a Very versatile sex doll, I will do anything you want me to do. Typically, I have the dominant role in a relationship and am very happy to control my sexual partner. If you have any other ideas for my new “,” love doll owner, please let me know and I will implement it with flat chested sex dolls for maximum fun.In addition to sex, what is especially important to me is intimacy

(Pop: 75) You know what’s the weirdest song ever released on a well-selling album?

US, UK and continental Europe. Most of their songs have a simple message: “War is wrong”, “Stop mining uranium”, “Shut down all American bases in Australia”. One of the singles from “Blue Sky Mining” puzzled me as soon as it came out: “The King of the Mountain.” “Mountains in the shadows, rain in the valleys/Well, you can say you’re Peter, say you’re Paul/Don’t put me on your bedroom wall/Call me the king of the mountains.” What? The only vague left-wing lyric is “Workers of the world, run to the top.” King of the Mountain is the nickname of Australian racing driver Peter Bullock, although he is not mentioned in the lyrics. The staff asked me if the song was about 1860s folk singers Peter, Paul and Mary!Sometimes bands write nonsense lyrics to tunes to get their idea

(Popularity: 80) What is the punishment for using sex toys in India?

No punishment for using sex toys in India

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